Monday, May 29, 2006

Playing with My Blogs

Since I hate to post anything without a picture to look at, here's a couple shots of the apron I made for the Fiber festival. I was in charge of the dolls.

Today I added banners to all 3 of my blogs. I figured it out after following the link from Jen's blog. I used Mandrin Design's free template & inserted my own photos in place of their's, then added my own words. If I can figure it out anybody can. I noticed Deb G has been working on hers too. It looks neat! I'll have to play more to see if I can make my side bar look fun too!

Our young moose friend spent most of the day laying in the shade in our front yard, chewing his cud. Broccoli spent quite a while watching him. Sorry, I didn't snap a picture. I spent a couple of hours quilting the Barn quilt. I still have quite a bit to go, but if I can stay home tomorrow (which is the plan right now, I'm over-staffed, unless someone calls in sick), then maybe I'll finish before June!

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Sande said...

Thanks for the tips on making headers for blogs. I'll have to try one. I checked the mandarin site and it looks very helpful. Yours is coming along very nicely.