Saturday, April 30, 2011

Joys & Sorrows

Yesterday our newest family addition was born, a healthy 8 lbs.  2 oz. Zoe Melia Price, 2nd daughter to my 1st born Brandon & his lovely Laura. Carys is a big sister now.

This morning my father passed away rather suddenly from congestive heart failure. A blessing that he didn't have to endure Chemo or Radiation for his lung cancer. We are on our way home to Michigan today, so blogging won't be resumed until after May 9th....see you later, & thanks.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Judy O's Moon Over The Mountains

The most recent client quilt I finished is this Moon Over The Mountains. Judy made this for a friend of hers that just got through treatment for cancer. She said her friend has surmounted mountains, & that why she made this quilt for her.

She wanted it only lightly quilted, so I restrained myself & did some pretty simple quilting on it. This one went pretty smoothly. I think the fact that it had a flannel back made it easier on lily, because even though it's all Batik on top, I had no problem with the skipping of stitches this time. I suspect my problems happen when I have to sew through the double & triple layers of Batiks, which will be the next quilt on the hit parade.

Here's the flannel back. If you look closely, I hadn't gone all the way around the moons on a couple of blocks. I fixed that & sent it back to Judy without hanging it for a second photo.

I've also been working on the next Fiberactions challenge quilt. The word is "Embellish", & I am trying to use some restraint with it, but still having fun. I may show a bit of it here soon, but the reveal isn't until May 15th.
The other thing I am trying to work on is getting ready for my one woman show in July. Making fliers for publicity, doing an inventory list, making name plates & figuring out how each piece can be hung, & trying to crank out a few more pieces for the show....No rest for the wicked!
My Dad has been calling me frequently too, to report on his doctor visits, & what they want to do for treatment of his lung cancer. It's wonderful hearing from him so often (& I'm so grateful he has a phone program that allows him free long distance -something that we can't get here in Alaska.) He is still going to work part time, & is now using oxygen, which makes him sleep better at night, & feeling better..
My favorite philosophy learned from an old friend Mr. Fiano,.." I'm going to live until I die".  Good words to live by!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stiched the Film

OK, warning: this is a bit of a plug for a little independent film about quilters & the quilting world of IQA & AQS.(Made by non-quilters).

 I just got "Stitched the Film" DVD in the mail & have watched it twice! What a neat little film. 72 minutes about the quilting world, focusing on 2 of my favorite quilters, & one who was new to me.

It's a very well done documentary, featuring Caryl Bryer Fallert, Hollis Chatelain & Randall Cook, & some of the controversy that they inspired in the quilting community.  The art vs. traditional stuff...

It's beautiful to look at, the music in it is fun & original. It would be great to gather a group of friends & spark a little discussion.It was well worth the price!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Purse Revised

Thanks for all the nice comments on the purse yesterday,  but I thought it looked dull, so I added a little color on the feathers with my gold gel pen! I'm happier with it now.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Neck purse & clearing the deck

At the top of my To-Do list when I got home, was a neck purse for our next guest teacher at ALCQ,

The triangular bead is glow-in--the -dark paper-clay.

While  I worked  on the purse, Warren worked on clearing the deck. 
 It's that time of year, when it's nice enough to sit out on the deck in the afternoon, but there's still snow on the ground.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Vacation End

Our last full day in Newport family came down & we walked over to The Red Parrot for dinner.
Above grand nieces, Alexie & Maia posed for a shot.
Food was good. Maia geared up for "Lobstah".
Aaron wanted to pose too.

Back at the condo, I got the  girls hooked on doodling with gel pens on black paper.

 We had a great time.

Yesterday we flew all day. Flights were packed tight. Head winds made our flight from Atlanta into Seattle late. We had to run from B terminal to C terminal to catch the flight home.
Now to upack & get back to real life.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Straw Dying

My last class at MQX on Thursday was "Straw Dying" with Nancy Begin. She started by spraying thePFD fabric with a solution of Soda Ash in hot water. Then using a straw to scoop a bit of dry dye , sprinked it over her fabric. Sprayed some more & rubbed it around...
ending up with a grid from the plastic lid below.
Here are my fabics after washing & drying.
I can't wait to go do more at home!

It's Nancy's personal choice to not wear one, but I remember a dyer dying from not
wearing one.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Bookmaking With Sue B & MQX

On Tuesday, Vicki  drove us up to Sue's house to play in Sue's new studio.

 Above left to right: Glenda (Vicki's mom), Sue Bleiweiss, Susan (what a sweet girl), Vicki Welch, Kathy S, & Kathleen Murphy.

Here is  my book made with the paper I had been doodling on.

The page on the left below was paper  from Sue's collection.
Tuesday evening was the Ice cream social at the MQX Show.

Wed, I had  2 classes. A lecture with Linda V Taylor, then a quilting class with Renae Haddadin, which was VERY FUN. Below left is Ruth S, & Right is Renae.
Ruth is such a kind lady.She lost a son in Afghanistan in 2001. She is an active member of Gold Star Moms.
She also has 100 Quilt of Valor quilt tops that need quilting. Volunteers can contact her at
The vendors opened after the awards were given  out. I blew my budget on thread & some rulers.

                         I was tickled to see a famliar quilt from home. Cindy Rainy's quilt from Kenai, Alaska.
This won Best of Show, a stunning beauty by Janet Stone. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pins, Passport Purses, & Doodles

Today Vicki, her mom Glenda & I, are going to Sue's house to play.Above are pins I made to share with all the girls.
 When I fiished the pins, I had to find somethng else to do with my hads, so I've been doodeling.
These last shots are more Passport pureses that I made for the girls.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Newport Portals & Textures

Flowers are starting to bloom in the Newport area. Bring Your antihistamines Vicki!

We went to dinner with friends Jimmy & Sandra, in New Bedford, & enjoyed the seaside restaurant.

Yesterday, while the rest of the gang was watching the red Sox win a game, I took a long walk around New Port. I really love the old buildings, old architectural details, & stones. I made it over to the Tower that I first saw a few months ago on the History Channel. It is aligned with the sun so that it marks the solstice. Nobody knows who actually built it.

                                          These are actually only half of my pictures!