Tuesday, May 06, 2014

My Little Helper

I was granted an overstaff today, so I could go to the Cardiologist with Warren, for his follow up visit after testing. The good news is his heart is good.  He sees his regular Dr. tomorrow to address his asthma, that was exacerbated with the cold he had recently.

When I got home I went into the studio. I started digging through a basket of fabric & found these 3 pieces that are almost a top. I did these in a Louisa Smith class years ago. I tried to smooth them out to see how much more I would need to do to turn it into a quilt. Broc thought it was a great game. I'd smooth, he'd wrinkle. He's so much help!

Below is a quard I gave to my friend Hazel for her birthday. It is paint, embossing powder, my own hand-carved stamps, Tyvek, threadplay, a small mirror, & some of my hand dyed batting far the little frame edge.