Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Playing With my Grand daughter


Katesply 005 

Yesterday, Darian & I went over to my friend Kate’s house. It was raining outside, so I brought my textile paints, & we painted on T-shirts, & fabric, & bags with Kate & her 2 kids, Caleb & Hannah.

Katesply 006 Katesply 008

I did these 2 little sun-dresses for my youngest Grand-daughter, Carys, who will be turning 3 soon.

Katesply 009

Today Darian mostly read a book, while I had to work on a customer quilt. I’m doing a lot of straight lines, ruler work. It looks pretty, but goes kind of slow for me.

Katesply 010

Friday, June 25, 2010

Darian Here for a Visit

Dari 001

We picked her up at the airport yesterday, our DGD Darian. WOW, she has grown up!

Today we made bread together.

 Dari 003

Mixed, kneaded, &

 Dari 004

rolled the loaves.

Dari 005

Great job Darian!

Dari 006


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Quilts & Glass Art

mmgmmq 006 

Above & below are pictures of fused glass made by my friend Mindy, as thank-you gifts for helping with the wedding. She made 4 of the birch plates for her “sisters by heart” (so lucky me I got one!), & the trivets below (which are about 4 1/2” square), were given to every guest. I love using her little glass trivets for things like setting my tea-bag on, or keeping my little beads from rolling away when I am beading a project. They also make nice soap dishes & spoon rests. I am lucky to have lots of Mindy’s glass now.

mmgmmq 001 mmgmmq 002 

Next is a customer quilt, Jan Bronson made this from Pricilla Bianchi’s book “Caliente Quilts!

mmgmmq 008

She wanted it quilted similar to the design in the book, but I just couldn’t copy it, so I went inspired by the book. Similar, but different.  You can click on any of the images to get a bigger picture.

mmgmmq 009mmgmmq 010

mmgmmq 011

It looked pretty neat from the back, when I hung it to get the full effect.

mmgmmq 013

mmgmmq 015 

The next quilt to go on the frame is by Marilyn Moreno. I’ve hung it up to photograph & contemplate designs. I’ll play with my Bamboo, & do some different designs for her & let her choose (which is what I did for Jan too).

mmgmmq 016

Below are 4 of the options that Jan had to choose from for her quilt.


stplcenter xcenter bookdesign

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Wedding of Lindsey & Kyle



  KLwed 011

KLwed 012

Lindsey Meyn, daughter of my dearest friends John & Mindy married Kyle Wark, grandson of a Tlingit Chief. Kyle & Lindsey are 2 of the most brilliant & kind souls that I have the privilege of knowing.  Their ceremony was as unusual & special as they are. Ann officiated. It was held in her back yard. Christie & Hope were the bridesmaids, & Shane (Christie’s boyfriend) the Best-man.

KLwed 005

Kyle & Lindsey read poetry, & gave simple vows.

Once the wedding was completed, Lindsey was then adopted into the Raven clan by Kyle’s relatives. His aunt, & Grandmother spoke, his cousin drummed. Live ravens were in the trees surrounding us, & chortled & called out as if they were part of the party.

KLwed 035

KLwed 024

The Elders sang, & they all danced an eagle dance.

KLwed 033

The cake was topped by a topper handmade by Lindsey.

 KLwed 041

Family had to pose for obligatory photos.

KLwed 051

Here is a close-up of the back of Lindsey’s shrug. She drew the design, & a Salish native in Washington made it for her.

KLwed 054

We played with bubbles.

KLwed 079  KLwed 086

Instead of a Guestbook, guests were asked to sign one of the beautiful planks that Lindsey’s Dad, John had made for the benches that we all sat on during the ceremonies. It will be coated with polyurethane & made into a bench for Lindsey & Kyle’s home.

KLwed 056

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Solstice

bdrug 001
Above is a gift I just got from my friend Kathy. The Penny rug is so cute, now I just need a 2nd one, mirror image of this one, so I can have one on either side of my dresser! The candle came with it & it smells SO GOOD! Mmmmm, cinnamon spicy!

Tonight we go to Lindsey & Kyle’s wedding. Lindsey will be adopted by the Eagle Clan prior to the wedding. Kyle is of the Raven Clan. I made this card for them,
bdrug 002
It was inspired by this silver ring that my son gave me.
bdrug 004
I did the card out of 3 layers of my natural dyed wools. I drew the design on paper first, then traced it on to Wash-away stabilizer. Pinned it to the 3 layers of wool, * stitched with black cotton #12 wgt thread. Then I just cut back the layers.
I’ll post wedding pictures next time.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Busy June

linzshwr 001

Summer time is always so busy. Even with days being endless, darkness never falling, there never seems to be enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do. I’ve only been working 2 days a week at the hospital (max, sometimes only 1 day). This past week, I finished Lindsey’s wedding dress again. We added one more tier of fabric to the skirt. It looks really nice, & I will post pictures from the wedding next week. I have another quilt on Lily that I need to finish for a customer. I did some major spring cleaning last week to prep for all the company we were having. Calendar Girls met at our house Thursday. Mary needed a little extra light, & clipped my book light to her glasses like a headlamp!

  linzshwr 002

I taught a class at the quilt shop on Friday evening after working all day. Saturday I had friends Christie & Hope , & another Christie to work on party favors for a surprise shower we had on Sunday, for Lindsey & Kyle. It was “Camping themed”, as they were wanting camping gear for gifts.

linzshwr 003

They thought they were just coming up for the usual Sunday dinner at the Hardman’s house. They were surprised to find several other friends there. Weather was nice enough that we were able to at least eat out on the deck. We had a Pizza Pasta Salad (Kathy Jolman’s recipe), & a Caprese salad, with garlic bread, veggie chips, & of course the cake.

linzshwr 008 linzshwr 005 linzshwr 006

Inside we did one game, a word scramble, & the kids got to open all of their gifts. Everything Camping related.

linzshwr 004

Monday, June 07, 2010

Mary Fisher Memorial

maryfisr 001

One of my friends, Mary Fisher died Thursday night. She was a vivacious, wonderful person. She was an OR nurse (that’s where I met her), & a wife & mother of 2 teenagers. Her son just graduated high school this year, & her daughter is a couple years younger. Mary & her family did a lot of traveling. She bought fabric during her travels, & wanted to make a quilt out of it. She started getting sick a few months ago, & at first the doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her. A trip to the Mayo Clinic found the diagnosis of Mad Cow disease.

Another OR nurse Margarite Mc Manus pieced this top together from Mary’s fabric, & asked me if I would quilt it for her. We had hoped to give it to Mary finished, but she died the night before Margarite could give it to me. So now that the quilting is done, I will pass it back to Margarite to finish the binding & it will go to Mary’s family. I did simple swirly quilting on the body of the quilt, & feathers on the borders.

  maryfisr 003

On a happier note, Tracy had one extra block left over from the quilt I just finished for her, & I made it into a pillow for her. The quilting is done. The pillow cover is constructed. I just need to make a pillow form to slip inside it. I made a simple over-lap back on it, out of micro fiber. Click on any of the above pictures to get a closer look.

alcq6310 004 alcq6310 002

I also did some more work on Lindsey’s wedding dress. We added another tier of fabric on the skirt. The wedding is Monday, June 21st. Summer solstice. I will get pictures of her wearing it & post them then.

Now I think I’ll go back to my spring cleaning! I finally got in the mood! Probably because I have Calendar Girls coming on Thursday!