Monday, June 07, 2010

Mary Fisher Memorial

maryfisr 001

One of my friends, Mary Fisher died Thursday night. She was a vivacious, wonderful person. She was an OR nurse (that’s where I met her), & a wife & mother of 2 teenagers. Her son just graduated high school this year, & her daughter is a couple years younger. Mary & her family did a lot of traveling. She bought fabric during her travels, & wanted to make a quilt out of it. She started getting sick a few months ago, & at first the doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her. A trip to the Mayo Clinic found the diagnosis of Mad Cow disease.

Another OR nurse Margarite Mc Manus pieced this top together from Mary’s fabric, & asked me if I would quilt it for her. We had hoped to give it to Mary finished, but she died the night before Margarite could give it to me. So now that the quilting is done, I will pass it back to Margarite to finish the binding & it will go to Mary’s family. I did simple swirly quilting on the body of the quilt, & feathers on the borders.

  maryfisr 003

On a happier note, Tracy had one extra block left over from the quilt I just finished for her, & I made it into a pillow for her. The quilting is done. The pillow cover is constructed. I just need to make a pillow form to slip inside it. I made a simple over-lap back on it, out of micro fiber. Click on any of the above pictures to get a closer look.

alcq6310 004 alcq6310 002

I also did some more work on Lindsey’s wedding dress. We added another tier of fabric on the skirt. The wedding is Monday, June 21st. Summer solstice. I will get pictures of her wearing it & post them then.

Now I think I’ll go back to my spring cleaning! I finally got in the mood! Probably because I have Calendar Girls coming on Thursday!



Delighted Hands said...

Sorry about the loss of your friend. Such a hardship.

I like the idea of bringing the quilt to life in memory-it will bring a lot of comfort.

I thought the reference to the wedding dress included the bear outline on white until I realized it was the back of the little quilt-could be a nice idea for the right dress!

Dar said...

My heart breaks at the thought of loosing a dear friend. My prayers for you and her family. The quilt is such a lovely tribute that her family is going to love.
You do such intricate and beautiful work. Oh to learn.

Rian said...

Sorry to hear about your friend. What a terrible loss.

Ali Honey said...

That's awful and very sad for you. Please accept my condolences on the loss of a dear friend.
Did she contract that disease overseas, or is it a North American thing. I have only heard of it in the UK.

Micki said...

I am sorry about the loss of your friend. I'm sure her family will cherish the quilt.

Steph said...

I always ran into Mary at Fred Meyers I will miss those run ins something fierce. The quilt looks great, I'm sure her family will like it.

quiltmom said...

My sincere condolences to all of you in the loss of your dear friend. The quilt I am sure will be treasured by her family.
Have a great weekend Deb!