Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Tracy’s Quilt & a Quick Trip to Seward


memwknd 044 

I finally finished Tracy & Wendy’s quilts & delivered them to them yesterday. Both seemed very  happy with the quilting. I also did the binding for them. I sat out on the deck in the sun, hand stitching the binding to the back of the quilts. I actually have a bit of a tan now. We’ve been having beautiful summer weather the past week.

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Wendy even gave me this pretty bouquet of flowers to say thank you. I felt like I’d won a prize!


This pair has been staying in our yard for the past week. The little one was still pretty shaky on it’s feet when we first saw it, but seems to be growing stronger & bigger every day. The Mama moose killed out neighbor’s little drop-kick dog yesterday. They let them run loose, & he came at the mama moose yapping, so she kicked him. She was just protecting her little one. Fortunately, we only have a cat, & he stays indoors, so as long as we don’t bother her, she doesn’t bother us. I can see her through my window as I write this. I’m glad she feels safe in our yard.

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My DD Michelle sent me a “Skin” for my Kindle. Isn’t it pretty? Now I will think  of her every time I read. I listened to Bram Stokers “Dracula” while I sewed this past week.

memwknd 027 

Yesterday evening we took of down the highway to Seward.

seward1 002

We got to Ray’s just in the nick of time for dinner. It’s our favorite restaurant down there. We didn’t realize they closed at 9pm.

seward1 003

After dinner we walked on the boardwalk looking at some of the boats., then we went & found a place to camp by the water over night. There was an otter just off the shore where we camped in our van. It’s an ‘86 Dodge van, & though it’s looking older, it still runs well, & works perfect for us now that it’s getting harder to crawl on the ground in a tent.

seward1 004

Today I went to “Sew and Bee Cozy”, Seward’s little quilt shop. I fell in love with the metal thread stands they had, & brought on home for myself. They are works of art. If you want one you can look at paulsmetalpetals.com.

seward1 005

Speaking of thread, I reorganized some of my collection last week.

seward1 006

The other thing I bought at the quilt shop, was this bunch of buttons. They are all hand made free trade buttons from women in Africa.

seward1 007

Last on today’s list is a book cover that I made for my preceptor at work to go over her dog-eared address book that she uses at work., as a thank-you for orienting me.

seward1 008


tracy said...

It is AMAZING. I feel so blessed that you were willing to work on my quilt!

Dar said...

The quilts you finished are awesome works of art. If only I had such a talent. Maybe if I looked for it, I'd find it, huh?
The Mama moose, she really was just protecting her young from the curious drop-kick dog. Oh well, nature at work.
The final gift you made is cool. You are quite the talented gal.
Hope you enjoyed the camp-out.

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Camping at Seward sounds wonderful, I'm glad you and Warren got the chance to go. I love the moose in your yard, they look very content, what a view out your window.

Michelle Auer said...

Hooray! I'm glad you like it! I thought it was pretty cool looking. ;-)

Delighted Hands said...

The quilt is amazing-thanks for letting us see it close-up! The moose are beautiful-such a privilege to have them choose your yard!