Saturday, July 31, 2010

Double Musky & next Quilt projects

drSFquil 002 
Just in case you wanted to know. These are the hours at the Double Musky. We went on Wednesday, thinking the would be open at 430. They weren’t, but we were near the head of the line, so didn’t have to wait for a table once they did open.
We went with my pal Judy & Warren’s work partner Will. Warren & Will had a bet going on all of the football games last season, & the loser had to take the winner to the Double Musky for dinner. It was neck & neck through the whole season, & they were tied going into the Super Bowl game, where Will won, so this is what Will got for winning. It looked like 1/2 a cow on his plate. A family of 5 could easily have made a meal out of this piece of meat! Will is probably still eating it. He took most of it home with him.
drSFquil 004
This was on the wall right behind me. Will said he wants to go to Mount Veeder.
drSFquil 007
As far as the quilting part of my life, in my typical ADD fashion, I am looking at several projects at once. This top belongs to my pal Jan Wills. She is a terrific appliqué’ artist. I am working on designs for quilting this piece, & had to order some new thread to use on this piece.
 janw 002
Below, this large quilt top is hanging on my wall, & I have been doodling designs in my computer for how I might quilt this one. This is another Dr. Shirley Fraser quilt. She’s a wonderful lady, & I love her dearly.
drSFquil 008 - Copy drSFquil 009
Last, here is a little peek of my gel printed fabrics (for the Fiberactions next challenge), that I have arranged & rearranged until I’ve found a configuration that I like. I had it all arranged on my portable press board, but nothing was pinned or glued, which was fine because I keep my studio door shut, & things never get messed with when I’m not here….NOT!
My DH had to iron a shirt, & it so happens that he likes my portable press board, because it’s so convenient! So last night I spent another 1/2 hour rearranging the pieces that I hadn’t photographed or pinned in place!  They are now pinned together!
gelpr 002
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

a Little More Homer


homer 003

These roses had a heady scent.

 homer 007 homer 011

2 of my favorite wild flowers, Lupine & Fireweed are everywhere.

homer 030 

Columbines & the view below were from the Visitor center.

homer 036 

One of the things I love about Homer. is every place you go there is art. The picture below was the table in the coffee shop.

homer 040 

We also made a stop at our favorite Pottery studio, Paul Dungan. We’ve bought several pieces from him in the past, including the sink in our bathroom, but this time we bought a couple of mugs.

homer 087 

Warren picked out the brown one, I chose the one with the blue. It reminded me of the ocean.

homer 090

On the way  back from Paul’s we stopped so I could snap a picture of this little cabin, lined with fireweed. There was a man outside picking strawberries, & he came up & talked to me, & shared the sweetest berries I’ve ever tasted.

homer 089

That’s it for our weekend in Homer. One of our favorite places on Earth.

homer 092

Monday, July 26, 2010

Homer Spit Weekend

 homer 091

We packed up our van on Friday evening & drove down to the Homer Spit for the weekend. It rained off & on the whole weekend, but we were snug & dry inside our old Dodge van.

We walked the spit,  exploring the tide pools.

homer 094 homer 096 

I found some cool textures, that make me think of quilting designs .

homer 093

homer 006

We visited the Alaska Islands & Ocean Visitor Center. Well worth the stop. They have been open for 6 years already, & what a beautiful facility! There were a couple of 15minute films to watch, several interesting exhibits,…

homer 016

Art everywhere you looked….

homer 023 homer 026

& a classroom full of ongoing educational offerings & volunteers running the whole thing.

homer 025

We ate at some of our favorite places, one of which is the little Mermaid Cafe, & bookstore. We had breakfast there on Saturday morning.

homer 005

The bookstore part of the building is built from an old cabin, with the dovetailed joints.

homer 001

On Saturday we took a drive out East End Road. We had never gone so far down this road before, & hadn’t realized that it goes a very long way toward the end of Kachemak Bay. We never made it to the end of the road, but went for miles, & had a good time trying to spot old rusty trucks.

homer 049

I have a thing for them. We stopped & I photographed several along the way. Here are just a few of the pictures I took:

homer 063 homer 048 homer 044

homer 068 homer 073 homer 071 homer 075 homer 083 homer 079 homer 098

On the road home, I thought it was appropriate to look up from my book, & be a little startled by finding this view in front of me.

homer 099

I have a few more Homer pictures to share, but I’ll save them for the next post.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More Gel Printing



gelprt 004

Ok, I know these photos aren’t terribly exciting, but I am having some fun with this gel-printing. I think next time I’ll use thickened dyes instead of the Dynaflow textile paints. I was only using 3 colors in the 2 greens & a brown. I went out in the rain & picked some fresh leaves.

  gelprt 012

These are what I ended up with.

gelprt 013

The next piece of fabric is one that I dyed while ago, & wasn’t real excited with the resulting pinky-brown color. I figured it was something I could play with.

gelprt 001

So play I did. I gel printed & stamped on it with the greens & brown. It’s subtle but a nicer texture than what I started with.

 gelprt 010

I’m not sure where this is going to lead yet. I have no definite plan in mind, but will let the spirit move me where it shall!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Stretching with Gelatin Printing

prt 007
It was raining outside yesterday, & the nasturtiums were collecting little globes  of water. They glistened like diamonds.
Today I posted the next challenge word on the Fiberactions blog. I decided on STRETCH, so that’s what I attempted to do a bit of today. I dug out my copy of Rayna Gillman’s book, & read up on how to do Gelatin Printing. It’s something I’ve always wanted to try & never got around to doing.
prt 009
She said to use an aluminum foil pan, which I don’t have, so I dug out an old Tupperware container, that’s big & square. I lined it with Parchment Paper to make it easy to get the gel plate out.
prt 010
I mixed 2 1/2 times the recipe to fill the bottom of the container.
prt 012
It worked like a charm. The plate came out easily.
prt 013
I did a second one in a small square silicone cake pan, but it broke when I was removing it. I still used it though. The curvy lines are from the pan.
prt 015
I stepped outside & picked a few leaves from my yard.
prt 016
I printed 4 to 6 layers of paint on each piece of fabric. I enjoyed the process, but feel I can get similar results just with paint & stamping, & brayers, without the gelatin, so I don’t know how often I will bother to make the gelatin plates. I did save them & will probably do more later.
prt 024
I was using Dynaflow Textile Paints, & tried “Sun Printing” with my Ott light.
prt 017
It actually worked, though maybe not as strong a print as it might have been in actual sunlight.
prt 022
The last is a green fabric, that started out with the same print as the purple on the left. I gelatin printed using a mesh bag for resist, & then did a little stamping with a rubber stamp for more texture.
prt 025
I’m going to let these rest tonight then see if I want to do more “stretching”.