Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spring Fishy


fishq 007

It’s finaly getting green i my yard. Spring seems to be late this year. It got up to 63 degrees today. I sat out on the deck at lunch time to eat my apple with peanut butter.

fishq 006

Warren planted some flowers in the containers on the deck today.  We still aren’t planting in the yard, because the plan is to do the stone work on the lower half of the house this summer. We are hiring it done.

fishq 005

Warren gave me an early birthday gift this week (the birthday isn’t until next Monday). It’s this nice red grill. I made pizzas on it Saturday evening.

fishq 004

I have been working hard on this Fishy quilt, made by Tracy Trasky. I have all of the borders, & background quilting done, but still have lots of detail quilting to do. You can click on the pictures to get a closer look. There are waves & bubbles on the background & borders (per Tracy’s wishes).

fishq 008

The fishes have scales (& my shoulders have cramps from all of the tight quilting I’ve been doing)

 fishq 009

Below is the back side.

fishq 010

I have a dress for a friend’s wedding that I am also trying to help her on, though it is very challenging. It’s stretchy velvet & slippery satin. Argh!


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Convergence Reveal

converg 013 

Today is the reveal day for our Fiberactions on-line challenge. The word for this time around was “Convergence”. I had a bit of a mental block happening because all I could think of was Ricky Tims’ pattern by the same name.

I finally had a “Convergence” of the above piece of furniture, with an idea, & a little inspiration from the book below,for the background quilting.

converg 007

Several designs in the book were of the same era as the furniture, showed large leaves or florals (like this William Morris wall paper) with smalls leaves & floral backgrounds. Which is what I took inspiration from for my border quilting.


converg 008

Below is the finished quilt. An oil paint stick rubbing on fabric, quilted with 2 layers of batting to give the featured designs a traupunto effect without the effort of cutting away a layer.

converg 001


 converg 002 converg 005 converg 006

Binding was inspired by Laura Wasilowski.

Calendar Girls Meeting at Mary G’s

calg 003 

Yesterday we had our Calendar Girl’s meeting at Mary Gerkin’s house. Mary has a beautiful home on the hillside. She was showing us a piece of fabric that she intends to include in a quilt that she’s working on. Her balcony made a great stage.

calg 004

Mary always serves great food. Today’s was Mexican, some of which she had supplied by Alaska Dinner Factory.

calg 005 calg 006 calg 007

We had a very fun & silly time with me teaching the rest of the group how to whistle down their straws. It makes a very fun slide whistle noise, that kids just love. My Friend Ilene taught me this trick years ago.

calg 008calg 009

Monday, May 10, 2010

Snow dying, Granite, & Chocolate

snodye 001
Here it is May, & I still hadn’t tried snow dying, but had a patch of snow left in my yard. We have been having beautiful weather lately, highs in the 6o’s, so the snow is going to be gone soon.  I decided I’d better get on the stick, & do it before it’s too late. Unfortunately, I realized that I didn’t have any Procion dyes in my stash. All I have are Sabracon, which are more temperature sensitive, requiring temps above 70 degrees to fully react.
snodye 002
I decided to go ahead & experiment, to see what the results might be, & what I got were nice, but dulled colors. I wouldn’t waste the dyes again with this method, unless I had some Procion leftovers to play with. The Sabracon dyes, when used as they are intended are really rich & vibrant colors.
snodye 005
We have also been making a little progress on our house this week. We finally got the granite for 2 of my kitchen counter tops. I still have a lot of work to do in the kitchen, but the granite is nice, & makes it feel so much neater & cleaner than the old wood we had before. If you click on the pictures you an see them better. Note the muddy bear pawprints on the large window below (to the left of the blue dot). We had a visitor at 2 a.m. on Friday who woke me up, playing on the deck above our bedroom. He left his calling card on the window!
snodye 006 snodye 007
I also put a shelf  over the windows to give my barn collection a place to set.
snodye 008
My Mother’s Day lasted all weekend. On Saturday, my youngest, Corey took us to Moose’s Tooth for both Mother’s Day & Father’s Day for dinner. He leaves for Nome soon, & won’t be back to Anchorage until late Fall. Then on Sunday we took him to the Midnight Sun Brewery for lunch, & a beer & chocolate tasting. Since neither Corey or Warren care much for chocolate, & I don’t like beer but LOVE chocolate, it was a fun lunch for all of us! For desert they had beer, & I had chocolate. & yes auntie Em, see, Corey still has hair!
snodye 003

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Wendy’s 1st Quilt


WendyT 003

I am finished with the longarm part of Wendy’s quilt. I still have the binding to do, & a couple of hand stitches that I want to add. I think the eyes need a dot of white. You can click on the images to see bigger pictures. I did really heavy quilting.

WendyT 004 WendyT 005 WendyT 007

The fish & birds need a sparkle of white thread in the eyes to bring them to life.

WendyT 008 WendyT 009 WendyT 011

These last 2 shots are the border on the left, & a backside view of the bear block. Now I’ll be doing the same quilt for Wendy’s daughter Tracy, in a different color-way.

WendyT 006 WendyT 010