Monday, October 12, 2015

Port Townsend Vacation

Before our vacation, I tried to get caught up on making birthday Quards. I made several, but only remembered to take photos of a couple. This 1st one is for grand-daughter Maeve who turned 1 in Sept.

The next one was for her Daddy Brandon who had a birthday Oct.7th.

 When we got on our flight to Seattle, who was setting directly across from us, but my dear friend & fellow Calendar Girl Mary G.!

In Seattle we met up with Warren's sister Jan, & her husband Joe. They spent the whole week with us. I took these silly pictures of them at the Pacific Center Mall, in downtown Seattle the first evening.

We spent our first night at the Camlin, then got on the ferry the next morning & went to Port Townsend.
We stayed at our favorite place on Discovery Bay. Our condo was right on the waterfront. Trees were just starting to turn when we got there.

My DD Michelle came over with the one & only grandson Sean. We had a good time with them all.

We did the Wild Animal Park in Sequim, Sean was thrilled, as well as Joe & Jan & the rest of us.

He giggled

& covered his face & said "Oh my GAWD!" Wonder where he got that!

This was the outside of the window after the park. It's a cool place to spend a day. You buy loaves of bread at the gate when you go in, & can feed most of the animals. They come right up to you for the bread.

Sean & I played on the swings at the condo every day too.
I had a lot of fun with him.

Every morning when we got up there were loons & other birds out on the water. 3 times I also saw a seal & on the final full day- morning I actually got a couple of pictures of him.

The best part of the whole trip though was spending time with family. Michelle made some killer cupcakes for Warren's birthday, & we got to go see their new home in Seattle.

It was a lovely vacation.