Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sweet Dreams.

This is my latest quilt/wall-hanging. It's one of those projects that I started years ago, had all the parts made, but just needed to sandwich it together & quilt it. I finally did it. I call it "Sweet Dreams", which is appropriate, because I just went back on Weight Watchers, & I tend to dream about sweets when I'm trying to lose some weight!

I was thinking Cinnamon swirl streusel cake.

The fork is probably the first thing that I ever sewed with wire inside to help shape it. It has layed around the studio for at least 7 or 8 years now.

I also made myself a new pin & pair of ear-rings.
& the last thing I jsut finished is another quilted clock. I promised to draw names from people who sent me photos of their, & I got them from 2 people, so it's between Judy & Margaret. I'll put one in each hand & let Warren pick a hand. I'll let you know next posting who won.

Addendum-Margaret G. my pal in Kanab, Utah won.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sonoma Rose by Jennifer Chiaverini

I have to tell you all, that this is a REALLY  GOOD book.  I was sucked in on the first pages.  If you've been reading the Elm Creek Quilts Novels, I think this is the best story yet. It's another trip back in time, to Prohibition & California. This time the main character is Rosa, who we met in an earlier novel, when Elizabeth & her husband moved to California. Rosa & her children are being abused by her husband John.  Some of the children are ill, & Rosa fears for all their lives. The story is gripping from the very beginning, & is a good story whether or not you've ever read any of the Elm Creek books. 

 It will be available for sale on the Feb. 21st, 2012. I was very lucky to have been given an advanced copy to read, & I'm telling you this is Jennifer's BEST BOOK YET!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day (belated), & Happy Birthday Sisters

Well, this back to full time is making it a bit harder to get my blogging done, but I'm thinking Thursdays will be my day. I did work today, but it was for my pal Mindy, who is off in Hawaii getting some vitamin D. I got home just now (4 pm), where I usually get home around 7 from the hospital. Above is the Valentine card I made for my DH . I stamped the image of the soaring birds on to the fabric of the heart using a fabric glue, which I then sprinkled with embossing powder, & heated with a heat gun. If you try this, just be careful not to hold the heat on too long in any one place, you could burn the fabric.
I have a sister,( Em) & several sisters-by-heart, (Mindy, Ilene, & Kate), who all have birthdays this month. So happy birthday girls, I love you all !

Mindy was here for Super Bowl Sunday, & we (us girls) watched the commercials, then played our own games, while the guys watched the game. Warren being from New England was a little sad at the end of it all.
Mindy's hat was left over from the Women's Ski she had participated in earlier in the day.
Below are Blueberry cupcakes I made  for her cake.

This table full goodies is what I came home to on Valentine's day. Fabric wrapped packages, chocolates, & little luscious tarts from my favorite bakery, The Flying Dutchman.

I found this book in a package on the front porch, left by the mailman. I'm looking forward to getting into it. I love these books.

Warren is really enjoying the retired life. He has been my chauffeur, & cook, & I'm loving it too! I had been a little worried about the cooking part, but he follows recipes well, & has made some really good food! Who knew life would be so good!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Spider Silk Textile

My friend Margaret sent this link , & I thought others might be interested. My arachnophobia makes me shiver to think of how this was done, but the end product is a beautiful textile! Post

Friday, February 03, 2012


These are views from my windows today. Above is the deck through the kitchen window. Below our bedroom window.
The view out the back door. Those were foot prints in the snow an hour ago. Warren went out earlier, & he had a hard time getting back home. The roads are the worst he's ever seen them. So due to weather, after discussion with a few other ALCQ members, we cancelled the lecture tonight, & classes this weekend. We're going to try & reschedule in a couple of weeks.
I've got the bags packed for classes, & lecture, & will just put the aside & try not to trip over them. I'm going to look upon this as a bonus weekend of time to work on cleaning up the mess I made preparing for these classes!

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Warren's Retirement Dinner

My apologies to those who read this blog for it's quilting content. I promise the next posting will be back to quilts.

Things got a little wild at Warren's retirement party last night. We had a small get-together organized by some of his friends, at Simon & Seaforts. 
They were a lot of fun, & the dinner was really good.

Gifts were opened, & Tim Tebow was mimed by one of the nurses teasing Warren's buddy Will.

Ellis gave Warren a book that was appropriate for our Wednesday evening crowd,

& the group gave him some nice tappers for his kegerator. They also gave him a nice Visa gift card.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012


It's official, Warren has retired. I will be working full time now so I can have insurance. It's been fun working part time, but my leisure days have ended. I'm going to do 4 - 10 hr shifts starting Feb. 13th. I'm still waiting for an official position & will carry COBRA until then. I'm going to keep Thursdays off, so I can continue to go to Quilt Guild.