Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Post #499/Friendship Quilt & Threadplay



IleneEilQ 001

We have had a lovely peaceful Christmas week. Exchanged gifts late Christmas eve. My friend Carol was discharged today, so I’ll go spend some time with her tomorrow, since her DH has to go to work.       

These pictures are one of 2 quilts that I’ve been working on this week. Both are due Jan 15th. This will be shipped out this next week. It was a commission piece from my friend Ilene (Pictured on the left in the quilt), for her friend Eileen (on the right).

IleneEilQ 008

It’s another crazy quilt doing piecing & quilting all at the same time, then embellished both by hand & machine. I did a little silk ribbon embroidery.

IleneEilQ 003

& or course I had to do some Threadplay! The feather was stitched with a variegated rayon thread over a center wire, then stitched on to the quilt.

IleneEilQ 004

I also did 6 of these funky flowers in a Copper Metallic thread, with yellow rayon leaves.

IleneEilQ 006

Ilene sent me this saying  to be printed on fabric .

IleneEilQ 007

I also woke up early this morning with a desire to use some of my UV sensitive thread for another Threadplay sample. It’s actually 2 different colors of thread, but looks white until it’s exposed to direct sunlight. The leaves & curls will turn pale green, the rest will be lavender.

IleneEilQ 009

The center is a mirror, about the size of a Quarter. Maybe if the sun comes out this week I can get a picture to show the difference.

IleneEilQ 010

Thanks for all of the nice comments on my Thread Angel. Carol was very happy with her.  I’ll have quite a few names in the basket for my drawing! Next post is #500!

The other quilt I’m working on is my “Initiative” challenge quilt. All I have left on it is a little hand work, which I will probably take with me to Carol’s tomorrow.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Threadplay Angel


My friend Carol has been in the hospital almost a week now. She had surgery & later developed complications . I feel so bad for her being sick & having to be in the hospital, especially this time of year. I decided to make an Angel for her.

Here is how I did it: First I made a design out of plain paper. I cut out the pieces & taped them together just to see how they would fit.  I could trim the paper & retape until everything fit together well.

angel 002

Once I was satisfied with her dimensions, & took her apart.

angel 001

Using a wash-away stabilizer (Aqua Magic) in my hoop, I laid the paper piece on top & stitched around it.

xmasevthrdply 006

After I got the initial outline done, I laid wire over the stitched line, & did a zigzag stitch over the wire.

xmasevthrdply 007

xmasevthrdply 008

I left wire tails on the ends for attaching pieces later.

I filled in the design. That thing on top is hair, to be flipped down in back of her head.

xmasevthrdply 009

Here are all 3 pieces after the threadplay is done.

xmasevthrdply 011

Next I trimmed away some of the Aqua Magic, & attached the 3 pieces together, then ran warm water over her, until the stabilizer was washed away.

xmasevthrdply 012 xmasevthrdply 013  xmasevthrdply 015 xmasevthrdply 016

Here is how she looks finished, front, side & back views.

xmasevthrdply 017

This is post number 498. Remember I’ll be giving away a Threadplay piece to one of you who comments on post 496 up to & including post 500.

Merry Christmas my friends!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Solstice – Lucky Day


 wintersnow 001

This is my 497th post. I’ll be drawing a name from the comments in the last 5 posts leading up to & including the 500th, to give someone a prize. A piece of my Threadplay.  Today is winter Solstice. That means that from now until June 21st, every day will get brighter & longer here in the North country.  We had this snow storm on Friday. It was a good day to be home.

wintersnow 002 wintersnow 004 wintersnow 005 wintersnow 012

We wondered why we were only getting local TV stations when we first got up, then Warren went outside. Once he raked the snow off of the tree by the dish, all our channels came back.

wintersnow 016

We finished putting the second layer of mortar between the stones in Warren’s bar today. It was a messy job, but we finally got it done.

 wintersnow 017 wintersnow 019

On Sunday we had friends over for dinner & an ornament exchange.

wintersnow 020

Food coma started to set in.

wintersnow 021

Afterwards we played “Catch Phrase”. It was a lot of fun.

 wintersnow 022

Why am I lucky? Because I have wonderful friends & Family. & Because today my sister Em called me to let me know that I won the Quilt Raffle for her Grand-daughter’s band. It is a Queen sized quilt, that my sister made. I bought 10 tickets. I think it’s the first quilt raffle I’ve ever won!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Countdown Begins


I’m talking about 3 things. The countdown to Christmas, to the New Year, & to my 500th posting. This is post # 496, so starting now, I will keep a list of all who post comments on my postings, & when I get to #500 I will draw a name & send a  threadplay prize.

Here is a little tour of just a few of our decorations.

coreytasha 001 coreytasha 003

I have 3 small trees around the stairwell, along with all of my teddy bears & friends.

 coreytasha 004 coreytasha 018

A Santa train along with Pluto behind it are resting on the bookcase that my DH built.

coreytasha 017 coreytasha 021

Above left is the main tree, & right is a smaller one by the back window. Below are the gifts I just finished wrapping & embellishing with Embossed snowflakes, for my DH.

 coreytasha 022

The Sugartown Village is set up around the TV (DH was watching ESPN), and in the kitchen Santa stands guard over the streusel cake I baked for tonight’s dinner.

coreytasha 005 coreytasha 008

coreytasha 023

My baby, Corey came over with his girl Tasha for dinner & gifts. Christmas has officially begun for us. Happy holidays to all.

coreytasha 024

Monday, December 14, 2009

Xmas Threadplay

Xmas Threadplay 001
I’ve been doing some more Threadplay with wire for Christmas. I used small bits of Lame’ fabrics on each petal, besides metallic threads. I love playing with thread!
Xmas Threadplay 009
You can click on the images for a larger view.
Xmas Threadplay 010

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Calendar Girls Xmas & Ice Fog

We have had several days of Ice Fog, here in Anchorage. That happens a lot here in the winter, & I think it’s beautiful.
calgirlxmas 001
The ice fog in my back yard inspired this ornament, that I made for one of my Calendar Girls packages. We do a “White Elephant Exchange” each year, & get rid of old stuff that we don’t want any more. It’s a lot of fun! I like to put something nice on the outside of the package, because what’s inside isn’t always that good.
calgirlxmas 002
Jackie broke her toe, at the last Quilt guild meeting. She had kicked off her shoes, then proceeded to run into a chair leg, so she kept her foot elevated for the duration.
calgirlxmas 003
Below are photos of each one of the Calendar Girls, that Jackie put into her computer & manipulated into a kaleidoscope.  We may use them in our next challenge.
calgirlxmas 004 calgirlxmas 005 calgirlxmas 006 
We did our traditional calendar exchange before lunch.
calgirlxmas 007
Jackie got the one from me, & was quite excited over the handmade quilt-jewelry that I tucked into the calendar package.
calgirlxmas 008
Betty  made a wonderful seafood lasagna, with an Alfredo sauce. Oooo it was good.
 calgirlxmas 009
After lunch we did the White Elephant/Chinese Auction. It was a lot of fun. The way it works, is each person can bring up to 3 packages. It’s supposed to be stuff you really want to get rid of. I gave away a stack of books & about a dozen little fabric cows, & a funny little sign. I wrapped them in nice fabric & put something handmade in each one.
 calgirlxmas 010
Below, Mary shows a funny plastic purse-monkey that Jackie bought at a garage sale for this exchange. She stuffed it with nice little scraps of fabric.
calgirlxmas 011
Rena got this UFO block made by Mary Lee.calgirlxmas 012
A Mobius scarf made by Jan,
calgirlxmas 013
& I’m not sure what the little hearts are actually for, but..well Rena is a lot of fun!
calgirlxmas 014
calgirlxmas 016 calgirlxmas 018 calgirlxmas 019
 calgirlxmas 021
That’s my usual tongue out expression.
calgirlxmas 020
calgirlxmas 023
A singing fish!  “Oh. I’m wrapping this back up & giving it to my husband for Christmas!”
calgirlxmas 024 

calgirlxmas 039
Ice fog & blue sky is what our yard looked like today.
calgirlxmas 038
I did another tree for my new store sample,
calgirlxmas 027
as well as a dragonfly, (all inspired by the colors of the world around me)
calgirlxmas 026
to go with the blue lily for my Threadplay with Wire class, starting in January at Seams like Home.
calgirlxmas 028