Sunday, July 15, 2012

A bit more free motion quilting..

Here are a few more pictures of the quilting I've been doing. I hope to finish it by next Sunday!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I had Calendar Girls today. Only 3 showed up. We still had a good time, but hosting made me almost forget about photos. Here's Jackie with her "Fly Me to the Moon" piece, for our flight theme challenge for our 2013 calendars.

It was a wet grey day so we stayed inside. 

Here is how the yard is looking from the back yard. Warren wants to do stone on the  flower bed surrounds on the left. The plant by the large rock in the foreground is the Bleeding Heart that I planted last year in memory of my dad. It's blooming & doing well.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

4th of July Anniversary 22 years

For our 22nd wedding anniversary, our friends the Meyns came up for dinner. We did grilled fruit & veggies, 

& beautiful fresh shrimp from friends Trace & Dave. (I quilted 2 baby quilts for her, & took shrimp for payment), it was a great deal!

Mindy made this beautiful plate for us.

This morning I got about 4 hours of quilting in on the orange quilt. Here's one little portion of what I did today.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Rain on the roof

In reply to Judy: the metal roof strips snap together, & over lap much like the closure on a Zip Lock baggie. They lay one sheet down, screw the edges, then cover up the screws with the next sheet. The top sheet is tapped down with a rubber mallet, snapped together like a Zip-Lock bag closure. No screws show when they are done. It's pretty neat.

We've had a pile of wood dumped in our driveway right before the snow started flying. I finally moved it to the side of the garage.. it may not look like much, but it was 3 days of hard labor for me!

It rained quite a bit this past week, making it hard for Richard & Warren to get the roof done, but our flowers liked it. There were 2 areas that leaked until they got the ice & water shield up.

The metal got delivered & they got more than 1/2 up now.

Saturday the sun came out just in time for my friend Judy's birthday party on our deck.

Some people actually complained that it was too hot!

After the party guests left, Warren took me to see "Brave". It was a cute movie. 
Today I worked on a very small area of the orange quilt. I started quilting & realized the tension was off. I ended up spending the next couple hours ripping out what took 2 minutes to quilt!
After that I sat down & did a little bead embellishment on a pin. 

Here's hoping the roof will get done, & the quilt will make progress this week!