Tuesday, June 23, 2009

About Time Pieces

I have finished the thread painting on my 3 pieces on "The Ravages of Time".
I wish I had kept track of the hours that I spent on these.
The Port Townsend truck is my favorite. Dee asked what kind of stabilizer I used for my thread painting. I like "Sulky-Totally Stable" iron-on stabilizer for this kind of work. I also use wash-away and "Heat-Away" for other types of threadplay. The largest thread painting I've done was about 24 x36" on a queen sized quilt.
I also made these "Time Flies" for the show.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Threadpainting, Combat Fishing & Wildflowers

This is what I've been working lately. They are "The Ravages of Time". The first, above is "The Ravages of Time-Eklutna". These are photos I took at least 6 years ago.
This 2nd one is "Hope"
The 3rd is "Port Townsend". I'm so glad I got this picture the year I did, because the next time we went there the truck was gone. I really love old rusting trucks & cars. I snap pictures of them when ever I get the chance.
This is another clock I've made for the "About Time " show that I'll be a part of in July. It started with an orphan block that I made several years ago in a David Walker class.
The background fabrics are some that I painted in the Embellishment classes that I taught this past winter. The design on top id from using Shiva Paint Sticks,
& rubbing with
my antique block underneath the fabric.
I finished the clock on Monday while setting on the bank of the Russian River, watching the Combat fishing for this season's first rune of Red Salmon.
My DH & his friend Ellis took the ferry across to the other side.

There they are right across the river from where I set up my little beach chair in the sunshine, & stitched away.
Warren is in the purple & green jacket, & Ellis in the black sweatshirt.
This little guy came right up next to me, while I sat beside the river.

I found some interesting textures along the way.

June is a great time for wildflowers.
These wild roses are the sweetest smelling roses of all.
These Lupine are some of my favorite wild flowers. I have 4 separate plants growing in my yard now. This bunch is from the bottom of our hill.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Sorry I left that old post with my mug up for so long! Thanks for all of the good advice, & nice words! I have been very busy lately. First of all I was sick the the upper respiratory crud that knocked the wind out of my sails for a whole week. I still have junk in my lungs, but it's getting much better.
I have been working hard, trying to get my guest room ready for company. Also working on pieces for my show in July. I have 3 very involved thread paintings that I want to get finished this week.
Last Wednesday was a gorgeous day. I took this picture off my deck, of Flattop, the most climbed mountain in the Anchorage bowl. I looked through my spotting scope & there were at least 50 people up there that evening. I checked again at 1130 pm, just before heading to bed & there were at least 30 still up there. It never really gets dark here now, so people get pretty ambitious.
Thursday I had Calendar Girls at my house. We ended up inside, because the day was cool & gray. We laughed so hard, I needed my inhaler, but it was good therapy!
Carol Wight Jones received this quilt from Jan Wills. It was her baggie that Jan got & made this from Carol's stuff.

Carol made this spectacular piece from Jan's stuff. I thought it really looked nice on my quilt rack, but Jan wanted to take it home. The focus fabric was an antique kimono that Jan had bought years ago, & never decided what to do with it, until this baggie challenge came up, so she threw it in her bag! Smart girl!
I have been happy to see some of my flowers coming back finally, after the devastation that our yard has been through, with the construction on the house. These are Forget-me-nots. I also have some Lupin blooming , which I'm really excited about. It only took them about 6 years to really develop after transplanting them.
I did finally decide to go for the color. The grey looked tired to me. I had a hard time getting a picture that actually shows the color. It is very subtle. I used Ash blond, & it still has grey, but it's brighter, not so dull. I really appreciate so many thoughtful replies. I don't like spending a lot of time or money on my hair, but this only took about 40 minutes & didn't even cost $10.00, so I think that's OK.

Monday, June 08, 2009

To Dye or not to Dye?

That's my question! Speaking of dying, I felt like I was until yesterday! I caught the bug my DH suffered with all last week, & it knocked me flat since Thursday, but yesterday I felt better & today I'm sure I'm going to live.
I went to the store today, & while there decided to get my hair cut. I had been trying to let it grow long, but it was just driving me crazy. (Some would say that's a short drive.)
Anyway...this is now my natural color, & I'm kind of thinking I could live with it. I would truly like your unbiased opinions. Should this 55 year-old Granny stay gray? Or should I throw on some ash blond & make it look like high-lights? Is the gray a bad color with my yellow toned skin? That light is on the ceiling BTW, not my head!
Thanks for all the nice comments on the last quilt. I feel especially complimented by those long armers like Deb G, & Vicki W!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Fiesta Round Robin

That's what I would call this if it were my own. "Fiesta Round Robin". This is a client quilt that I finished this week. I used rulers & got more comfortable with them.
I also did more feathers.
I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.
This week I have ordered more thread for the next client quilts, & am working on my own thread paintings for the show I will be involved in during July.
I've only worked 2 days at the hospital in the past 4 weeks. Quilting has been my life lately & I'm loving every minute of it.
My poor husband caught a bad cold right at the end of his last rotation at work (the hazard in being a Respiratory Therapist). He has been vegetating in the recliner, or in front of the TV a lot lately. I'm keeping my distance, hoping to avoid his fate. Making soup, & feeding him, but otherwise staying away!