Friday, June 19, 2009

Threadpainting, Combat Fishing & Wildflowers

This is what I've been working lately. They are "The Ravages of Time". The first, above is "The Ravages of Time-Eklutna". These are photos I took at least 6 years ago.
This 2nd one is "Hope"
The 3rd is "Port Townsend". I'm so glad I got this picture the year I did, because the next time we went there the truck was gone. I really love old rusting trucks & cars. I snap pictures of them when ever I get the chance.
This is another clock I've made for the "About Time " show that I'll be a part of in July. It started with an orphan block that I made several years ago in a David Walker class.
The background fabrics are some that I painted in the Embellishment classes that I taught this past winter. The design on top id from using Shiva Paint Sticks,
& rubbing with
my antique block underneath the fabric.
I finished the clock on Monday while setting on the bank of the Russian River, watching the Combat fishing for this season's first rune of Red Salmon.
My DH & his friend Ellis took the ferry across to the other side.

There they are right across the river from where I set up my little beach chair in the sunshine, & stitched away.
Warren is in the purple & green jacket, & Ellis in the black sweatshirt.
This little guy came right up next to me, while I sat beside the river.

I found some interesting textures along the way.

June is a great time for wildflowers.
These wild roses are the sweetest smelling roses of all.
These Lupine are some of my favorite wild flowers. I have 4 separate plants growing in my yard now. This bunch is from the bottom of our hill.


Delighted Hands said...

It is truly beautiful to see your work and your 'neighborhood'. There is a heat alert here as it is 100 degrees F......I see the men are still wearing coats. Our sewing rooms are probably the same temp, though! :'P

bettyp said...

VERY Beautiful work!!!

Ali Honey said...

I found that an interesting post Deb. Love your thread pictures.

Now those blokes standing in that freezing water must know they are going to catch some salmon or why would they get that cold? Wow amazing.

I too love blue Lupin ( we spell it differently ).
We have even been getting some cold weather ( for us ) 4 frosts in a row.

roxanestoner said...

Do you know the story of Miss Rumphius who wanted to make the world more beautiful? She would spread lupine's seeds wherever she would go. Well you remind me of her in some ways spreading beauty around you and it makes the world of blogging more beautiful too. Thank you for sharing.

Pat said...

Beautiful photos; wonderful work!!! You are so inspiring.

Dee said...

Love you thread painting. I want to try doing thread painting. How large do you work? What type of stablizer do you use? Thanks for your blog.


My Little Family: said...

I so miss fishing the Russian and the Kenai. I didn't mind combat fishing because it didn't take long to get a limit anyway. What I didn't like was those smelly, nasty flotation devises they you wear to crosst he river. Yuck!

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Hello From Michgian. Looking at the pics of the combat fishing made me giggle. I took my son Shane when he was only 13 to a wee river outside Anchorage and he had fun combat fishing. Of course at the time I did not know it was called this. LOL She is now 32. Where does time go??

Also I love those photo transfers to quilt. I have several wonderful photos I took of myself and Shane and I would love to create a wee quilt like that too. I have NO clue how to thread paint. When are you coming to Michigan soo you can teach me. vbg Hugs Judy