Sunday, August 25, 2013

Went to the Alaska State Fair

 Mooses in the yard greeted us when we left to go to the State Fair! 
 Mama wasn't looking too happy, so we took the long way around to get to the car. YIKES!
 It was a beautiful day in Palmer, Alaska.
 Warm & sunny, no breeze off the glacier. Almost too warm!
 I checked out the quilts.
 My ALCQ friend, Kaye Fiero won some ribbons with her beautiful quilt.
 I liked my friend Ruth Simpsons wooly bunny.
These were some others that I really liked.

These salmon were glass mosaic.

I enjoyed this window too.

& this fish above, & the skateboard fish below.

I also loved this strangely ugly & beautiful fish too.

Some of the people attending were quite colorful too.

The traffic heading to the fair when we left was backed up for miles. We were happy to be going the other way!

Sunday we spent the day cleaning up the yard. Getting ready for winter. Then I worked on sorting quilts for the quilt show next month. I'm going to be the featured quilter,& had to figure out how may racks I'll need for display. Broccoli was there to give his stamps of approval. 

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Happy Birthday Dear Daughter

Above is an old photo of me holding my Michelle, & below one of me holding her baby boy Sean.

I spent just a few days with them, & had a lot of fun with this little charmer.

I had to fly home early this morning, &  heading for bed early now, because tomorrow is a work day, but wanted to say happy birthday, one more time to my DD, & thanks you for the wonderful weekend with your lovely  family.