Thursday, April 18, 2013

Creative Play Day

Today was a fun day at my quilt guild. Rene Haag, local business owner of Blaine's Art Supply came & demonstrated several different products on fabric. She also brought artist& silk painter, Francine
to help demonstrate. 

My son's girl Barb came along with me,

& we had a great time playing.
Afterward we went home, & I showed her how to use the sewing machine. She's never sewn before!
She stitched down this little applique' block,

then put this wool design on the back side that she felted herself. Now it's a little double sided piece of art from her heart. She gave it to me in thanks for showing her how to sew.

Below is the bag that I did at quilt Guild. The grapes are a monoprint from an Encaustic wax, that after it cooled I over-sprayed with inks & dabbed with paints, & pens.
It was so much fun, I signed us up for a silk painting class on Saturday!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

April Showers-Snow showers that is..

 We haven't had as much snow this year as last, but Warren did have to snowblow the driveways again this week. He makes it so neat & tidy.
I finsihed up 2 little dool quilts for grand-daughter Zoe, who is turning 2 the end of this month. She loves covering her baby dolls up will little blankets, so I thought I should make her some little quilts.

My youngest son's girlfriend is visiting this week. She came down & played in the studeo with some needle felting & some fabric. I may make a quilter out of her yet/

Warren is back to clearing the deck. It snowed the day after he cleared it the first time.

Broc is getting a bit tired of snow too. He longs to go out & lay in the sun, on the deck. Only a few more weeks....
PS...Meet Big Berta, my new stove. Isn't she a beauty?

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Springtime in Alaska

I felt good to have a day off today. I stayed home & worked a while on Jan's quilt. I'd done the boring part, of in the ditch around each block, now I'm background quilting in the white areas. Click on the image to see it better. I've been tired, & not getting much done, but 3 down, 6 to go on these backgrounds.

Warren & Broc were tired today too. They deserved a nap after.....

shoveling 3/4 of the snow off the deck. Warren tries to get it clear so we can enjoy it sooner.
I made these fritatas from a Weight Watchers recipe. 2 points each. They are yummy!
I changed it up because I couldn't find the artichoke hearts. Substituted tomatoes & green chilies, made them lighter with Egg Beaters & less egg. Tasted great. Had a few with a nice salad for dinner. Freezing the rest to be popped into the microwave whenever I need.