Sunday, April 14, 2013

April Showers-Snow showers that is..

 We haven't had as much snow this year as last, but Warren did have to snowblow the driveways again this week. He makes it so neat & tidy.
I finsihed up 2 little dool quilts for grand-daughter Zoe, who is turning 2 the end of this month. She loves covering her baby dolls up will little blankets, so I thought I should make her some little quilts.

My youngest son's girlfriend is visiting this week. She came down & played in the studeo with some needle felting & some fabric. I may make a quilter out of her yet/

Warren is back to clearing the deck. It snowed the day after he cleared it the first time.

Broc is getting a bit tired of snow too. He longs to go out & lay in the sun, on the deck. Only a few more weeks....
PS...Meet Big Berta, my new stove. Isn't she a beauty?


Marsel said...

You are covered in snow...and we are covered in tree pollen that turns every outdoor surface yellow! Your posts always remind me what a climatically-diverse country we live in.

In science, my kids have been studying how the earth's tilt produces seasons and the wind patterns affect weather...I am going to share your post with them today. :)

Delighted Hands said...

Beautiful work on the quilts-I still have a little doll quilt from an adopted grandma-that quilt is 50 years old as I think about it....!

Spring is coming for you-if I remember, once it starts to warm up-your yard just explodes with Spring!

Stephanie Briggs said...

Poor Warren Just when he gets done it snows, I thought of him when it started snowing after your last post.

cute doll blankets I'm sure she will love them.

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

I don't remember the stove you hauled all the way from Michigan to Alaska looking like that! Seems it might have been a little bit older. Love your new stove and the stone behind it.
Your doll quilts are cute, Zoe will love them.
It's always nice to see a young person learning about quilting. Your a great teacher with lots of fun techniques to show her, hopefully she will love it.