Friday, April 11, 2014

Mini quilt & latest Quards

This little quilt  is about 8 inches square. It's a whole cloth that I used paint sticks & a stencil  for the colors. I let it cure for about 3 weeks then quilted it. It was fun!      

Below is a little card with a 2 inch square pin on it for my eldest grand-daughter Ally, who is due next month with the first great-grand daughter. I used the same fabric in her quilt.
The next piece is a little flannel blanket that was hand crochet edge done by my great- aunt, for my father when he was born in 1920. I put a little patch over a thin spot & gave it to Ally too, from her great Grandpa.

I'm on vacation this week, & spent Tuesday with my friend Carol. She has been very sick lately, & hadn't been able to do anything creative for 6 months. Monday she made a scarf. Tuesday when I went to her house, I brought 3 baskets & a backpack full of stuff to play with. I laid it all out on her table, & when she felt ambitious enough she got up to the table & made this condolence card for our friend Rena, who just lost her Dad.

Below is the one I made for Rena.

This last Quard (a true Quilt-card), I drew the design on fabric & colored then quilted it, for soon to turn 3, grand-daughter Zoe. She is having a Nightmare Before Christmas themed party for her birthday. I did simple outline quilting in black thread, & am pleased with the results.

This last photo is from my Calendar Girls group on Thursday.  Follow the link to see the rest.

Monday, April 07, 2014


I'm taking a couple of weeks off work, & instead of going somewhere we are staying home. I've been  getting some Spring cleaning done, plus the stone floor in the entryway project that we've been wanting to get to for a long time.  Here is the floor with just the mortar. We we will do the grout on Friday.

I also did the stones on top of the pony-walls. There will be some wood trim to finish the copper walls after the grouting is done. 

Right now this entry leads into a work/storage room, most of what's here will go out into the new garage
eventually, & then I will finish off the workroom into a wet studio, where I can dye & paint on fabric to my heart's content. I also intend to have a small desk set up for lampwork bead making.... maybe by the time I can retire...

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hope's 21st Birthday

This is a card I made for our friend Hope's 21st birthday.

 Yesterday we participated in a photo scavenger hunt with her & her family & friends. Driving all over town following clues written by my friend/her mom Mindy, & sister Christie.
We had Hope & her brother-in-law Kyle in our car. Below they are posing with the produce guy at Carr's, holding Tofu. Hope is vegetarian.

She also like to use the buses, so here we are at the bus stop by the Dimond Mall.

This is playing Lava tag at a playground.

We also stopped at the Bear Tooth Grill for a photo with some of her friends.
There were a lot of other stops & photos along the way, & afterwards we celebrated at her parents house, with friends & dinner. It was also our friend Nikki's birthday, so her are the 2 birthday girls together, & the card I made for Nikki. I modeled it after one of my quilts that she always comments on when she comes to our house.

Hope's big sister Lindsey made this beautiful, tasty flourless chocolate cake with marzipan decorations. 
The meal was vegetarian potluck.

It was a fun day.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Welcoming back the Sun

I've been in a bit of a funk this winter. These past couple of years actually, but I think I'm getting better. The quilt top in this first shot is the LAST customer quilt that I intend to do. At least for a couple of years. It was on the frame for a long time, & I finally finished it a couple of weeks ago, & delivered back to Shirley Fraser. 
Here a a few close views after quilting. It was so big & heavy I didn't attempt to hang it up for fuller shots.

After that I got busy on the baby quilts I needed to get made. The 2 tops were whipped up in one weekend, then I got quilting. This first on is for Jocelyn, who is due to be born around May 19th. She will be our first Great-grandchild.

Here are a couple of shots of the back side. It's Minkie...ooooh soooo SOFT!

I made 3D flowers by just doing free motion shapes on 2 layers of fabric, with the right sides together. Next I cut them out, slit the back, stuffed them with a little wool batting, & hand appliqued them with the slit against the top. I made the centers out of ruff cut strips gathered & stitched to the flowers.

The second quilt is made for my son Brandon, & wife Laura's 3rd baby girl due Aug. 28.  Name hasn't been revealed yet. I decided to try & be more modern with this one, & just had fun!
I quilted flowers in the pink plaid areas, & hand appliqued little dots in the center of each flower, with the same fabric I used for binding.

The light has come back. It has been sunny & beautiful out the past few days, but here is a view from out back door a week ago after a fresh snowfall. The path to the cars had been filled in over night with about 24 inches of snow. It took Warren 6 hours of snow-blowing to dig us all out. He played in the snow while I pieced baby quilts. It was a glorious weekend!

This weekend I made some cards. This for my friend Pam who has retired from nursing. I used a photo transfer on to fabric of  my quilt which is appropriately named "Retirement" from our "Burning Desire Challenge". I added real sand & shells for embellishment around the edges.

The next is a sympathy card for my friend Judy who just lost her mom. It's a miniature quit top made from bits of antique fabrics sewn on to card stock.

This sunny one is made for my baby boy who turned  37 on the 21st.

I am so glad the calendar says it's spring, & the sky is sunny & blue!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

January Ice Sculptures & Burning Desire Quilt (Fire & Ice)

We took a walk downtown Anchorage last week. I had dropped & smashed my iPad, so we took it  to a place downtown to be fixed. We did some shopping, used one of our gift cards for lunch & then took a stroll through town square. I'm glad we did it then, because yesterday a pineapple express blew into town & we hit 50 degrees! Everything in melting & turning to MUSH! Who would've guessed we would have spring breakup in January!

There were some NY themed sculptures.

Chess piece, & a church.

A fantastical dragon, & wind boat thingy.

The spiked balls fascinated me.

This was just a beautiful design, something like I would do on a quilt!

& some sea life.

Segue here to my calendar quilt for 2014. The theme was our Burning Desire, & this was mine. I finished way back in May, but didn't want to post it until after I'd given all of my calendars out for this year.

My Burning Desire- is "Retirement".

I printed a photo of my own feet in flip-flops & used "Printed Treasure" fabric to print it out.I cut away the bottoms of the flip-flops & used some "special" fabric I bought several years ago for them. It was printed & sold to raise money & awareness about prostate cancer, which my husband had about a year before I had found this. I hid it underneath the feet, for a subliminal message to stamp out prostate cancer, but used bigger pieces for the back side, where only the people I wanted to see it could see it. (It may be offensive to some folks). I pictured the back last, so if you are offended don't leave a comment, please!  Or don't look at the last photo on this post!

The "water" is several layers of sheers & some silk & wool rovings needle felted into the piece. Quilting , appique, & fellting were all done together. Beads were added to make "bubbles ". Edges were left raw, then covered with the seaweed yarn. Next I added shells, driftwood & moss, coral & other bits for a border.

Last I painted Aleen's "It's OK To Wash It" fabric glue all over the tan fabric, & poured on the real beach sand.

Here's the R rated back side

my burning desire to stamp out prostate cancer fabric!
Close yours eyes if you can't take it!!!!