Saturday, July 05, 2014

Doodling 3D

It was a warm sunny day again today, & I couldn't see staying inside, so I took a piece of cloth, & my color box, of pens & crayons, & did some doodling! Here are the results.
I saw a short demo on making things appear 3D on Facebook somewhere, & decided I had to play with it.

The plaid may be a bit carried away, but it was fun.

The contrast of light & dark seems more effective, than those with the more subtle contrast.

Friday, July 04, 2014


It's a beautiful day here in Anchorage, Alaska.  Warren is out mowing the lawn & I'm getting to ready to go pull some weeds. It's our 24th wedding anniversary, & we will be having dinner out tonight to celebrate.

I appreciate comments, & honest critiques. I took Kathy's from my last post & agreed completely. I had actually thought the same, but was feeling too lazy to go further. After seeing what she said, I decided to get off my duff, & do what I had actually thought about before the last post. I added a strip of batting inside the lower half of the sleeve, quilted it, & folded it in half. I also painted with Lumiere & some Gel pens, to help add the the continuation of the Aurora into the sleeve area. I like it better. Thanks Kathy!

Here is the Poke blossom eco-print after washing. The dark marks to the left are from the piece of Bamboo that I had wrapped the fabric on to do the steaming. I guess bamboo dyes dark. There were also bits of small leaves from some random plant that I have on my deck that added a little touch of green spots.

I just finished 2 projects on Lilly (the longarm), & here is the next big one to do. I had a bit of a bad day yesterday when I cleaned & oiled my machine, & accidentally caught my oil rag in the bobbin hook underneath. Had to tear down the whole thing & work on getting the timing right again. It took me a few hours, but better than the days it took the lat time I did it! I swear I will never go near that thing again with a rag in my hand, while I running the machine!!!

This new quilt is the last large quilt my friend Carol Wight Jones has done. I'm honored that she is entrusting it to me. I hope I can do it justice. Carol has been a cover quilt on Quilter's Newsletter magazine. Her work is impeccable!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Eco Dye Print & Landscape-Dreamscape quilt

I recently had my 60th birthday, & my friend Lori gave me this pretty "Poker" plant. It had these beautiful blossoms on it,  she told me I should pluck them off when I plant it outside, so the roots will get it established. I hated to do it, 
but here it is, all beheaded!

Not all was lost though, I used the flower heads on a piece of Alum treated wool from my friend Kathy, who does eco printing all the time, in Michigan, & here is what it looks like after printing. I haven't washed it yet, so it may turn color. I promise, Kathy, I will keep you posted it!

I finished binding my landscape quilt, for this years Calendar Girls challenge. It's a piece I started about 12 years ago in a David Walker workshop. It was the last class he taught before he retired from teaching.

It"s reverse applique', machine quilted & couching. The fabric along the top is actually the sleeve. I decided I liked it that way, since I had split it into a triptych, but wanted it to hang as one piece, & the hand painted fabric looked like northern lights to me. I didn't paint the fabric though, I think I bought it some where along the line.

This last shot is 2 simple block s that I made samples for future reference. Both I found directions for on You-Tube. the flying geese block is done with 2 squares, a rectangle, & 1 straight seem. It was a Ricky Tims video. The bowtie block (click on the high lighted links to watch the videos)  is done with 5 squares all the same size. It's only 2 seems, & was so much fun I made 12 more & have finished a quilt top, which I will post some time next month, after it's quilted & sent to it's new home!

Oh, & the best gift I got for my 60th, came a week early. This is Jocelyn. My very first Great-Grandchild! She lives in Florida, so I haven't got to meet her yet, but thanks to Facebook & her mommy Ally, I see pictures every day!

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

My Little Helper

I was granted an overstaff today, so I could go to the Cardiologist with Warren, for his follow up visit after testing. The good news is his heart is good.  He sees his regular Dr. tomorrow to address his asthma, that was exacerbated with the cold he had recently.

When I got home I went into the studio. I started digging through a basket of fabric & found these 3 pieces that are almost a top. I did these in a Louisa Smith class years ago. I tried to smooth them out to see how much more I would need to do to turn it into a quilt. Broc thought it was a great game. I'd smooth, he'd wrinkle. He's so much help!

Below is a quard I gave to my friend Hazel for her birthday. It is paint, embossing powder, my own hand-carved stamps, Tyvek, threadplay, a small mirror, & some of my hand dyed batting far the little frame edge.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Mini quilt & latest Quards

This little quilt  is about 8 inches square. It's a whole cloth that I used paint sticks & a stencil  for the colors. I let it cure for about 3 weeks then quilted it. It was fun!      

Below is a little card with a 2 inch square pin on it for my eldest grand-daughter Ally, who is due next month with the first great-grand daughter. I used the same fabric in her quilt.
The next piece is a little flannel blanket that was hand crochet edge done by my great- aunt, for my father when he was born in 1920. I put a little patch over a thin spot & gave it to Ally too, from her great Grandpa.

I'm on vacation this week, & spent Tuesday with my friend Carol. She has been very sick lately, & hadn't been able to do anything creative for 6 months. Monday she made a scarf. Tuesday when I went to her house, I brought 3 baskets & a backpack full of stuff to play with. I laid it all out on her table, & when she felt ambitious enough she got up to the table & made this condolence card for our friend Rena, who just lost her Dad.

Below is the one I made for Rena.

This last Quard (a true Quilt-card), I drew the design on fabric & colored then quilted it, for soon to turn 3, grand-daughter Zoe. She is having a Nightmare Before Christmas themed party for her birthday. I did simple outline quilting in black thread, & am pleased with the results.

This last photo is from my Calendar Girls group on Thursday.  Follow the link to see the rest.

Monday, April 07, 2014


I'm taking a couple of weeks off work, & instead of going somewhere we are staying home. I've been  getting some Spring cleaning done, plus the stone floor in the entryway project that we've been wanting to get to for a long time.  Here is the floor with just the mortar. We we will do the grout on Friday.

I also did the stones on top of the pony-walls. There will be some wood trim to finish the copper walls after the grouting is done. 

Right now this entry leads into a work/storage room, most of what's here will go out into the new garage
eventually, & then I will finish off the workroom into a wet studio, where I can dye & paint on fabric to my heart's content. I also intend to have a small desk set up for lampwork bead making.... maybe by the time I can retire...

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hope's 21st Birthday

This is a card I made for our friend Hope's 21st birthday.

 Yesterday we participated in a photo scavenger hunt with her & her family & friends. Driving all over town following clues written by my friend/her mom Mindy, & sister Christie.
We had Hope & her brother-in-law Kyle in our car. Below they are posing with the produce guy at Carr's, holding Tofu. Hope is vegetarian.

She also like to use the buses, so here we are at the bus stop by the Dimond Mall.

This is playing Lava tag at a playground.

We also stopped at the Bear Tooth Grill for a photo with some of her friends.
There were a lot of other stops & photos along the way, & afterwards we celebrated at her parents house, with friends & dinner. It was also our friend Nikki's birthday, so her are the 2 birthday girls together, & the card I made for Nikki. I modeled it after one of my quilts that she always comments on when she comes to our house.

Hope's big sister Lindsey made this beautiful, tasty flourless chocolate cake with marzipan decorations. 
The meal was vegetarian potluck.

It was a fun day.