Sunday, March 24, 2013

Quilting & Embellishing the Crazy Remixed Round Robin

 I have finally spent a weekend getting into the studio.  This little pin & earrings were sent to RVQuilter,
as well as this flower pin. I am sorry for being so late!!

Remember the Round Robin? Here is what it looked like after making all the rounds & coming back to me.
I felt the original light square that I had printed looked like a big bright hole, & was reading too heavy with the darkness in the top & right. I carefully removed the black lace applique' (which Mary G told me it was OK to do- she had just basted it in place), as well as the copper leaf, & set them aside to be put back on after cutting the top apart. I was careful in how  cut the light green gauze area too, because I didn't want to undo any of the hand beading in that area.
Here is how it looks now, after I've quilted & started to embellish. I replaced Mary's leaf & turned the lace into a rose, & put it on the upper left.

I have started the embellishing by using some of the special buttons I have collected over the years, just waiting for the right place to use them. I love this Raku button. It's a little work of art all on it's own.

The bee is enamel.

The triangle are polymer clay.

This hand is ceramic.

Here's a close up of Mary's leaf & the rose.

I will continue to do hand embellishing on this until it feels done. Next I think I'll do some embroidery stitches. I may wish I'd waited on the buttons, but oh well, I'll manage somehow!

Thanks Nina Marie for inviting me to be a part of your circle! Sounds inspiring!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Going a little Crazy

I haven't had much to blog about lately. I hadn't been in the studio for 3 weeks. I caught a bad cold, was quite sick & had no energy to spare. I stayed home from work 3 days last week, & did nothing but watch TV. UGH!  Finally I'm starting to feel better. Yesterday we went & saw "Oz". It was a really fun movie. A good nod to the original "Wizard of Oz". We loved it. We also "Jack the Giant Slayer", another fun movie. I expected it to be pretty hokey, but it was great.

Today I decided to work on my Round Robin piece. This was my own to begin with, & the Calendar Girls added to that light green block that I had hand printed, there in the upper right.  I felt something else needed to be done with this, & decided to take a page out of Rayna Gillman's book, & here is what I did....

 I started cutting, & sewing, &...

this is where I ended up. The size is a better size for me, & it's more my style. Plain crazy!