Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Summer Vacation Alaska

My daughter Michelle & her family have been visiting this past week. It's been soooo MUCH FUN!

This little guy Sean JR is a delight!

We did a road trip to Homer & stayed over night. What was intended to be camping became hotelling instead because the winds were so high the tents would've blown us all into the ocean!
Sylvia & S-JR found an old truck (no motor) for kids in front of the Sourdough Express where we ate a good breakfast. It was perfect for them to play while we ate on the picnic table outside. It was sunny & warm there.

Sean SR found an old Mercury motor & sported for me, in a Freddy Mercury pose. He sings in a Queen cover band, & does the Freddy Mercury parts. He also has a salon in Seattle named Mercury.

We played a little on the windy beach, & Sear JR manged to get a little wet of course.

The waves aren't usually this big in summer.

Signs of autumn were all over.

Crows were fluffing up against the winds.

Michelle & Sean dropped in to the Salty Dawg Saloon, to just check it out, while the rest of us hung out outside.

Later we stopped at a nice restaurant, where the boy ate PB&J.
We took a side trip to Seward, but it was cold & windy there too, so we pressed on & came home late. The next day we set up a tent in the backyard for Sylvia to get to have her camp out with her dad, & we took a day-trip to the local zoo. 

Another day, we went up the hill from our house to a park to play.

More to come, but we've got dinner to get & kids need to catch their flight soon. I will miss the joyful chaos of this past week.

Another Day in Rayna's Class

Rayna Gillman's class (over a week ago already) was really energizing. Here Rayna was helping try different arrangements on some pies Nan Thompson put on the wall.
Diane Melms jumped in to play too.  I really enjoyed the group interaction & critiques.

This was where I had slapped mine together for the critique,

& we all agreed the stripes in the background were too much.

Below is a piece George taylor did.

& Diane Melms.(below)

& Kate Chandler.(below)