Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer Road Trip to Homer

It had been quite a while since our last trip down to Homer. It's one of our favorite places. It's about a 5 hour drive from Anchorage.
Fireweed blooming in Johnson Pass,

made the mountains look pink in places.
We took our old van, & camped for 2 nights out on the Spit. I explored the tide pools at low tide, while Warren took a nap in the van. Exhausted from the long drive.
Here are some barnacles on a rock.

Colorful & mysterious seaweed in the tide pool.
I liked this little girl's shock of pink against the misty greys.
These kids were fun to watch, splashing in the frigid water.
I loved the atmospheric perspective of the mountains across the Kachemak Bay.

It was misty & rainy the whole time we were there. I loved it. It felt good to be cool, & breathing moist air. My lungs were pretty abused from the smoke we camped in up at Denali a couple of weeks ago. This was a relief.
This eagle posed nicely for me.
I loved these flowers, growing out of an old boot.

One evening we went to the Bear Creek Winery, just to check it out.
They had several of these cement bowls made from Rhubarb leaves.
I was pleasantly surprised at how good the wines tasted. We ended up buying 3 bottles. I've been having a glass of Blueberry almost every evening since we got home.
I liked the old fashioned till.
This was the view of the bay from the winery. They also have a couple of Suites for rent. We may stay there next trip.
The tide was in when we got back to the Spit. There was an otter floating right where I had been walking the tide pool earlier.
I'd swear I saw him waving.
Out last morning we ate a nice breakfast & had the best coffee we'd had all weekend at the Mermaid Cafe'.

As we left Homer, we stopped at the scenic view park & I snapped the last couple pictures.

Besides the wine, we also bought this bell, that has the most wonderful deep resonating sound.
& a trip to Homer wouldn't be complete without a Halibut.

After we got home, Warren started putting our salmon on the deck rails. He's getting close to being really finished!
Next post will have some fiber content!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Three Weeks of Family Fun

On July 2nd my DS Brandon & his wife Laura, & daughter Carys (pronounced Care-us), came to visit from Kwajalein. Here she is, our dear little grand-daughter, not quite 2 yet.
The day after they flew in, my show with friends, Kathy Harte, & Judy Wedemeyer opened at Terra Bella, here in Anchorage. Our theme was "It's About Time".

They put on a nice spread, & several people showed up. We each sold a piece.
The sunset was pretty that evening.
On the 4th of July we stayed home. The kids enjoyed the hot tub.Brandon got the urge to dig in the dirt, so he transplanted a few trees for us.
Carys loved the new table Poppy put together for her.
Carys & Grammy had a great time blowing bubbles together.
The next day we went up to Denali to camp at Savage River Campground for 2 nights.
Carys got a kick out of little toy binoculars that Grammy got for her.

She was a good little traveler.
She liked trying on new hats.

Brandon & Laura rode the bus into the park. Brandon caught this fox in the act of catching his lunch.

They had a clear day for the mountain.

Later Laura did a run, then we walked to the river. It was really hot!

Laura & Carys roasted their first hot dogs together.

I found white Fireweed growing in the same place I had found it 10 years ago. It's very rare. I wish I could get some seeds for my yard.
After Denali, we took a ferry to Cordova. We stayed at the Reluctant Fisherman.
This Digitalis was growing in back of the hotel.

I found more fireweed & Columbines too.

Carys liked the big mossy rock.

This was the view from our room.

Saturday Laura ran her first Half Marathon.

She had been training hard for it.

Here she is after her 12.5 mile run. She placed 3rd, & she was thrilled!

Carys hung out at the hotel with us, & had a ball playing with Poppy.
Later we went to the Salmon Festival.
The runners were recognized.

Laura got her award.

Carys went for the pizza.
The next day Brandon & Poppy went fishing for Copper River Reds.

I hung out on shore & snapped pictures.
They got 4 nice red salmon.

They had these big black slugs there.

This was the best place to eat in Cordova.

It was a misty morning when we left.

The sun was back out when we got back to Portage. We stopped at the Wild Animal Farm.

The elk looked bored.

Back home, Carys found Dandelions, & called them "Bubbles"!

We went to the Saturday Market down town. Carys got a Laura Wright Kuspuk.

She also had her first horsey ride!

Carys really likes setting on rocks.

Dinner at the Bear Tooth Grille.

Pizza again, her favorite food group.
After dinner we played in a city park.

July 19th was Carys's 2nd birthday.
She was the rock star.

Her friend Wren came over to party with her.

Wren's parents, Darcy & Max used to work on Kwajalein with Brandon & Laura.

Wren got a goodie bag that included these star sunglasses.
Carys loved her gifts.

The cupcakes were pretty good.

Carys got a V-Tec game from us.

The girls rocked out on the deck.
The kids flew out last night.
All that's left now is her little hand prints. It was a wonderful 3 weeks.