Sunday, March 08, 2015

Sort of Crazy Lately

Seems like a crazy time to me. I've been posting mostly on Facebook, but know my friend Kathy looks here to see what's happening, so thought I should make an appearance in Blogland! We've had crazy warm weather, feels like spring! Very little snow here, while friends & family back east have been getting slammed, here in Alaska we haven't even needed to shovel!

My friend Mindy invited me to do a door, or two for a fund raiser for a local charity. They were given about 1000 cupboard doors by a business that was closing down, so here are 2 I did.

I embossed my crazy quilt design on a sheet of  copper, & heated it a little with my heat gun, then glued it in place on the center panel. Next I covered the edges with a print fabric, & used a matte varnish top coat, to finish it. I wasn"t happy with the dull finish when it dried, so I used metallic paints to give it more shine.

 The second door I just drew with black sharpie pens, then painted with alcohol inks, & other paints.

It was a fun challenge.

I haven't done much real quilting lately.  Mostly Quards, that I have packaged up to mail, & didn't bother taking pictures, but I did quilt 1 comfort quilt for the quilt guild. I'm not sure who pieced it, but it is a happy quilt, & I had fun quilting it.

Here is a the quilting from the back/