Sunday, February 27, 2011

post 599- Still here


Yes I’m still here. I am having hand issues still. It has now focused into my right hand & is a case of De Quervains  tendinitis. I will have to call my pal Mindy & see if Pete can help, because it has been going on since Jan 4th, & isn’t getting any better. It’s interfering with everything.


On a more fun note, this quilt, that is featured in my header, is now in Allie Aller’s book, on page 64. I was very honored when Allie told me she was going to include it in her book, & a wonderful book it is! I’ve already bought 4 copies to give as gifts! I also showed it to Diana Bradley at Quilt Zone yesterday, so she is going to order some copies to sell in her shop.


I was teaching my Minimal Marking Free Motion Machine Quilting class.

Below are 2 samples that I demonstrated on. I like the #12 wgt. Aurifil thread , it shows up well against the black fabric.

.today 017

today 020


Below are 2 cards I made this week. The Raven is for a friend who is in the hospital.

today 016

& the flowers for a childhood friend, who just lost her father. Both are needle punch with a small bit of quilting, on wool.

today 014

Last, I wanted to show you Broccoli, keeping my chair warm for me.

today 004

Next post, will be #600. 24 hours after I publish it, I will draw names for a prize. It will probably be some time next week! Until then, as my friend Sue Hausmann says, “Happy sewing!”.

Monday, February 14, 2011

UFO’s on Valentine’s Day


cg&ufos 003

Actually this post starts on last Thursday. We had our Calendar Girls meeting at Rena’s house.

Jan was working on a dog applique’ above.

Below are pictures of Dean & Betty’s owl. Dean carved it, & Betty painted it. It’s wood.

cg&ufos 001cg&ufos 002

Rena served a lovely lunch, on these cool plates.

cg&ufos 004

I love the UFO.

cg&ufos 005

Speaking of UFOs. I started going through a box full of them today.

I found these blocks from 1996! Quilt camp in Michigan. I had completely forgotten them.

cg&ufos 011

I played with layouts, & I think I may make them into a table runner for Fall.

cg&ufos 012

I also found this little block that my daughter made. I added the borders, & have started quilting it.

cg&ufos 013 - Copy

Here is a project that took me about 30 years, & 15 minutes (as my friend Kathy would say).

I colored this fabric book 30 years ago, & today I trimmed up the pages, & sewed them together, in about 15 minutes. I had intended it for my kids, but will send it to Carys & Zoe (the youngest grand girls).

cg&ufos 015

I started pinning some of the UFO’s to my wall. Plenty to be inspired by, when I hit a dull day.

I am avoiding my latest customer quilt, until the Milsoft gets here, from Dharma Trading Co. Thanks to a suggestion from Deb Levy.

cg&ufos 014

Here is the UFO box, AFTER I went through it. Several more UFO’s remain in the box. Oh the joys of having ADD!

cg&ufos 016

The Teddy Bear Tea is coming this Thursday, so I had to make a couple of small quilts to go with this gorilla,

cg&ufos 006

& Sully. Sully has been in my studio since last year, & I have fallen in love with him, so I’ve ordered another just like him, for myself. I just couldn’t live with out his sweet smile in here.

cg&ufos 007

This Chickadee, is the last of today’s post. I was watching them yesterday at our bird feeder, & did a quick pencil sketch of one, the put him on to wool. with my felting needles, & a little quilting for finishing, plus a few beads. So this is my sketch for this week, & my DH’s valentine.

cg&ufos 009

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

#597 Progress


str 027

Above is a small portion of the customer quilt that I am making slow headway on. This fabric is causing skipping of stitches, which always seems to be my biggest headache when quilting for others.


On the home front, my DH Warren finished getting the flooring on the stairs, & this past week, our electrician/all-around Handy man, Richard came over & got the  lights installed on the stairway. This is Richard.

str 002

& below, is how the lights looked after Warren placed the final trim piece, over them. It makes for a nice glowing, well lit stairway.

str 007

Sunday we packed a bunch of our friends into the living room, & had a Super Bowl day. I cooked, fed people & did Sudoku, while they ate, watched the Super Bowl, screamed at the TV, & napped off & on. At least 3 people fell into food comas & slept while others screamed at the TV.

str 017

str 020

It was also Mindy’s birthday, & her youngest, Hope made the cake.

\str 024

In closing I want to show just a wee bit from my next Fiberactions piece. I completed it today.

impres 003

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Virtual Craziness

I was on call last night & got called in. I can’t complain, it’s the first time I’ve been called in on a call night since before Thanksgiving. I’ve never had such a good long run of good Call Karma.
I only got 2 hours of sleep though. The cat & life just conspired against me, so I’m a little punch drunk today, & don’t have any ambition for anything.
I decided to do another quilty sketch today. I guess my computer is my Sketchbook. I went a little Crazy with this one. It was simple, mindless fun, which describes me pretty well right now.. Simple, & mindless!

PS. this is post #596. I think it's time for another little give-away, to celebrate when I reach # 600. So leave comments on this through # 600, & 24 hours after posting  #600, I will put all of the comments in the drawing & draw one out for a prise.Something handmade by me of course.

I do value all of your comments! Thanks so much! Warm hugs from Alaska,