Wednesday, February 09, 2011

#597 Progress


str 027

Above is a small portion of the customer quilt that I am making slow headway on. This fabric is causing skipping of stitches, which always seems to be my biggest headache when quilting for others.


On the home front, my DH Warren finished getting the flooring on the stairs, & this past week, our electrician/all-around Handy man, Richard came over & got the  lights installed on the stairway. This is Richard.

str 002

& below, is how the lights looked after Warren placed the final trim piece, over them. It makes for a nice glowing, well lit stairway.

str 007

Sunday we packed a bunch of our friends into the living room, & had a Super Bowl day. I cooked, fed people & did Sudoku, while they ate, watched the Super Bowl, screamed at the TV, & napped off & on. At least 3 people fell into food comas & slept while others screamed at the TV.

str 017

str 020

It was also Mindy’s birthday, & her youngest, Hope made the cake.

\str 024

In closing I want to show just a wee bit from my next Fiberactions piece. I completed it today.

impres 003


Vicki W said...

The stairs are really cool!

Deb Levy said...

I really like the stair lights Deb. And the peek of your challenge piece.

As for the skipped stitches on the batik...I learned a long time ago that all batiks are not created equal...some are yummy to work with, some not so much.

My solution to those that don't play nice is to mix a solution of 1/2 Milsoft (that I get from Dharma) and 1/2 water. I spritz it on the uncooperatives both front and back...has saved me countless hours of frustration.
Don't know if it will work for you, but......

Delighted Hands said...

Very neat accent to the stairs-good idea. The new quilt is going to spectacular sorry for the skipped stitches-it is the batik! The peek at the new piece is interesting....

Suzanne said...

This is my first time stopping by your blog...have you ever googled "Zentangle" your quilt drawing from your last post made me think of these doodles,you might enjoy them.

Steph said...

It still surprises me how easy it is for you to get dad up there and get pictures of him where he is actually smiling.

I love the stair lights.

Melodie said...

I too love the stair well! I think I'd also like the recipe for that cake! It looks wonderful!!

Rian said...

Great stair lights. Skipped stitches: Hate em. Batik is a real booger that way.