Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another Lady needs a quilt /Mckenna Ryan pattern


I got this email today, & told Barbara I would post this for her. Please contact me if you are interested in the job & I will give you each other’s contact info :

Hi there, I have a pattern by McKenna Ryan that I want to have made into a 60”w x 68” long wall hanging.

It has a fair amount of detail, some of which I want removed, like the fisherman and the fish in the sky.

I would also like to trade the cotton flowers for pink fireweed.

Anyhow it does involve cutting and fusing.

I cannot find anyone willing to do it.

I went over to Seams Like Home and the person they recommended has never done fusing.

Quilt Tree recommended Linda P. but she does not do other folks’ patterns.

Can you make any suggestions? I am willing to pay whatever it takes.


Monday, September 27, 2010

Wildlife in my backyard..& need a quilt-Piecer

Yesterday I made a wish on my blog, & today like a good fairy, he showed up & my wish came true. Yeah!!!
While I was outside talking to him, this fellow showed up.
006 008
There were also geese making all sorts of noise. What a beautiful autumn day!

In regards to "NEED A PIECER", I have been contacted by a woman who sent this request:


I am looking for someone to finish a quilt for me.

My mother was in the process of making a quilt for me when she passed away. She finished 18 squares of the courthouse steps pattern. I would like to have those pieces and a star pattern (to join the courthouse steps together) made and then quilted to make a queen-size quilt.

Is there anyone who does this kind of work?

Thanks for your help.


If you know of anyone who can help her,please contact me & I will send you her email address. Thanks!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Termination Dust 2010


tdust 002

Those white spots in the picture are not on the lens. Yes it’s snow. Termination Dust. So, yes Rian, it’s Fall already! At this northern latitude winter moves in quickly.  The snow didn’t last long, for which I am grateful.  I am afraid the ice melting wires that need to be hooked back up on the roof, & the electrical wires that I have been tripping over outside the back door still won’t get buried before it snows again. We are waiting for our favorite electrician/contractor to come finish the job. I fear another winter will crawl by with me worrying over the snow load & possible leaks in the roof.

tdust 004

This was the accumulation on the driveway. Tomorrow we could wake up to real snow.

tdust 005

At least the stone work was finished before the snow.

tdust 006

I got all of the autumn quilts up for the next couple of months, before I change over to the winter decor.

tdust 008

I am trying to move ahead on Shirley Fraser’s latest quilt, but still feel the need to study for PALS too.  Gosh I wish I didn’t have to take these classes!

001 002

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Neck purse & Fall Clean-up

ssnp.aejnk 006 ssnp.aejnk 009

I usually make a neck purse as a gift from our ALCQ quilt guild, for visiting teachers. Tonight is our lecture from Sharon Schamber, so this will be her gift. I decided to do a crazy log cabin front on it, since we are the Log Cabin quilters.

We are having another spectacular autumn, (which helps make up for the lousy summer we had this year). A couple of days ago we found our deck decorated for Halloween already. There must’ve been a spider jamboree out there! UCKY! I HATE spiders!

ssnp.aejnk 003

ssnp.aejnk 005

We have been very busy this past week, between my working extra days in the Recovery room, studying for my PALS exam coming up in another week, & cleaning out our garage, of all of Aunt Ethel’s old things. I hope to give away or sell most of it.

 ssnp.aejnk 013 ssnp.aejnk 014

ssnp.aejnk 016

Cleaning out the garage exposed me to more molds, so I’ve been coughing a lot, & ended up sleeping in the recliner last night.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

STRETCH A leaf Study with Gel Printing

On the Fiberactions blog our current challenge word was ‘Stretch’. For myself, I wanted to do something I had never tried before. I started by getting out my copy of Rayna Gillman’s book “How to Create your own Hand-Printed cloth” and looked at her directions on Gel Printing. I used textile paints instead of mixing dyes, but the gelatin was the part of the process I hadn’t done before, & it was fun using such a squishy surface for the printing. I picked leaves from my yard, & laid them on the gelatin, then rolled the paint over them, peeled off the leaves, laid down the fabric for the mono-print, then also used the leaf to print an image too.      
I sewed the front & back fabrics together like a pillow, turned it with the batting in place, & closed the opening, then arranged the green pieces & 1 brown on the surface, sewed them in place, & machine quilted until I felt it was time to add another layer of texture.
stretch 002
I added lots of big stitches, French Knots, x’s, & a scattering of seed beads.
You can click on any of the images to see close-ups.
 stretch 003 stretch 005 stretch 007

ALCQ Show2010


mi&qshow2010 246 Harmony Moser was our featured quilter for this year’s ALCQ show.

mi&qshow2010 230

I was delighted to meet Mary who traveled all the way from Ireland to come to our show. I was demonstrating free-motion machine quilting.

mi&qshow2010 233

My “sister” Carol Wight Jones won viewer’s choice in the large quilt category, for her exquisite hand appliqué's & hand quilted quilt. The detail below is the nest with little eggs that I made for her from polymer clay.

mi&qshow2010 210

mi&qshow2010 213 This piece by Sandy Winfree was really beautiful. I love the silk textures. She hand dyes it, & ties rocks in it while wet, then lets it dry to retain the interesting shapes.

 mi&qshow2010 218 his was another of my favorites. Linda Postelwaite hand appliquéd all of theses squares, & hand quilted this, all during the Olympics. Detail pics below.

mi&qshow2010 220 mi&qshow2010 219

mi&qshow2010 221 This won Viewer’s choice for small wall quilts. It is ‘Painted Feathers’ by Cindy Rainey. She used Shiva sticks to paint it, & Sharon Schamber’s cording technique.

mi&qshow2010 234

Jan Wills got the Viewer’s Choice for her appliqué’ quilt, that I quilted for her! We were both tickled pink!

mi&qshow2010 240 The final Viewer Choice for wearable art, went to Connie Cloud, for her Puppies jacket.

mi&qshow2010 239

Some of my other favorites were:

Pam Harris’s ‘Fan Fungi’,

mi&qshow2010 214

& her ‘Postcard from Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles’. She credited me with teaching her the Treadplay “cup corals”.

mi&qshow2010 215

as did Jackie Carley for the threadplay trees she did.

mi&qshow2010 244

These purses were made by Pam Harris, & Joyce Webster.

mi&qshow2010 242 mi&qshow2010 241

The doggie coat by Elaine Fergen.

 mi&qshow2010 243

Done with the show report, at home now, I want to show you all the scarf that my DGF Kathy Jolman dyed for me using Eucalyptus leaves. She wrapped it on the stick with leaves tucked into it, & let me open it up to reveal the print. The other thing she did the same way was this hank of wool yarn shown in the upper left corner of the scarf picture.

scarffog 001

This is how our nasturtiums look today.

scarffog 002

 scarffog 003

And last, as I ate my breakfast this morning, the sun was shining, & a mist rolled through, giving me the most ethereal view. Beautiful day!

scarffog 010

Monday, September 13, 2010

Michigan Visit

mi&qshow2010 015

We arrived in Michigan on Sept. 2nd, which was my Dad’s 90th birthday. We waited in Grand Rapids until my eldest son Brandon arrived from Kwajalein with his family, then met Dad for dinner.

mi&qshow2010 014

We had a nice dinner with Brandon & Laura & Carys.

mi&qshow2010 017

 mi&qshow2010 040 

The next day we visited my brother & his family, walked out by the Lake (Michigan), & the waves were pretty big.

mi&qshow2010 065

This is the lighthouse near my brother’s place.

mi&qshow2010 049  This was our accommodations at my sister Em’s house. We loved sleeping out on her porch. The first night there was thunder & lightning, then when the storm passed the frogs & crickets sang a great lullaby.  I could see the stars, it was perfect! I loved this bed.

mi&qshow2010 103

on Saturday we had a family reunion & big birthday party for Dad.

I’m not sure how many we had that showed up, but I would guess around 150.

mi&qshow2010 113

My niece Leilani made the cake. BTW, I only gained 1 pound on this trip. Not bad for  10 days with my family!

mi&qshow2010 115 Two of my girlfriends showed up, left to right is me, Kathy P. & Kathy F. It was so good to see them.

mi&qshow2010 119

Later in Em’s kitchen I got out the Stackabubbles, & had some fun with the kids.

mi&qshow2010 124mi&qshow2010 122Jenny played make-up on Carys, & Kadee, then she gave Carys a bath & turned her into a Kewpie doll.

   mi&qshow2010 126

Kamie & Carys played well together.

mi&qshow2010 131

We had dinner with sister Vickie, & Al one evening.

mi&qshow2010 136

Laura was excited the day we went to our favorite Muskegon pizza joint, “Someplace Else”, because they serve Gluten –free pizza, & she said it was the best she had ever tasted.

mi&qshow2010 143

After pizza we drove around town & went out to Pere Marquette to play on the beach.

mi&qshow2010 157

mi&qshow2010 144 

We met the next day at niece Kim’s house to catch up with Katie who flew in that day from Texas.

mi&qshow2010 187

 mi&qshow2010 186 

On our last day we drove by the lone tree that I took a picture of back in February 4 years ago, so I could catch it in it’s leaves. I already did one small quilt with this tree, & I want to do more.

If you click on it, you’ll see a dragon fly just above the tree.

mi&qshow2010 196 - Copy

This was the sunrise on our last morning, looking out over White Lake, from my brother’s front yard.

mi&qshow2010 206

Next post will be about yesterday’s quilt show.