Tuesday, September 14, 2010

ALCQ Show2010


mi&qshow2010 246 Harmony Moser was our featured quilter for this year’s ALCQ show.

mi&qshow2010 230

I was delighted to meet Mary who traveled all the way from Ireland to come to our show. I was demonstrating free-motion machine quilting.

mi&qshow2010 233

My “sister” Carol Wight Jones won viewer’s choice in the large quilt category, for her exquisite hand appliqué's & hand quilted quilt. The detail below is the nest with little eggs that I made for her from polymer clay.

mi&qshow2010 210

mi&qshow2010 213 This piece by Sandy Winfree was really beautiful. I love the silk textures. She hand dyes it, & ties rocks in it while wet, then lets it dry to retain the interesting shapes.

 mi&qshow2010 218 his was another of my favorites. Linda Postelwaite hand appliquéd all of theses squares, & hand quilted this, all during the Olympics. Detail pics below.

mi&qshow2010 220 mi&qshow2010 219

mi&qshow2010 221 This won Viewer’s choice for small wall quilts. It is ‘Painted Feathers’ by Cindy Rainey. She used Shiva sticks to paint it, & Sharon Schamber’s cording technique.

mi&qshow2010 234

Jan Wills got the Viewer’s Choice for her appliqué’ quilt, that I quilted for her! We were both tickled pink!

mi&qshow2010 240 The final Viewer Choice for wearable art, went to Connie Cloud, for her Puppies jacket.

mi&qshow2010 239

Some of my other favorites were:

Pam Harris’s ‘Fan Fungi’,

mi&qshow2010 214

& her ‘Postcard from Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles’. She credited me with teaching her the Treadplay “cup corals”.

mi&qshow2010 215

as did Jackie Carley for the threadplay trees she did.

mi&qshow2010 244

These purses were made by Pam Harris, & Joyce Webster.

mi&qshow2010 242 mi&qshow2010 241

The doggie coat by Elaine Fergen.

 mi&qshow2010 243

Done with the show report, at home now, I want to show you all the scarf that my DGF Kathy Jolman dyed for me using Eucalyptus leaves. She wrapped it on the stick with leaves tucked into it, & let me open it up to reveal the print. The other thing she did the same way was this hank of wool yarn shown in the upper left corner of the scarf picture.

scarffog 001

This is how our nasturtiums look today.

scarffog 002

 scarffog 003

And last, as I ate my breakfast this morning, the sun was shining, & a mist rolled through, giving me the most ethereal view. Beautiful day!

scarffog 010


Micki said...

Wow, it looks like it was a great show. So many beautiful items. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

Elizabeth Ann said...

Congratulations! The quilting you did on the quilt was amazing I'm glad the judges agree with me. Wow what a great view, Alaska is truly a pretty place, would like to visit someday.

Ali Honey said...

I love seeing what folk are making in other parts of the world. Thanks Deb. I would have liked to see your demo.

Steph said...

Dang, can't believe I missed the quilt show this year oh well, looked like it was a lot of fun.

Melodie said...

Great show Sis! Did Dad call to tell you about his "cold"?

Delighted Hands said...

Wow, thanks for sharing the highlights of the show with us! Beautiful and creative entries. Have you ever eaten your nasturtiums? I used to put them in our salads for a very mild spicey zip!

The Calico Cat said...

OMG - My BAQ is heart themed... (Not that it will eve be that elaborate & my blocks are on point, etc.) Oh & mine is a super old UFO & flat - I apparently prefer the paper cut blocks...

The Calico Cat said...

Oh & do tell her to enter that into the Mid-Atlantic or Hershey quilt show - I want to see it IRL!