Tuesday, September 14, 2010

STRETCH A leaf Study with Gel Printing

On the Fiberactions blog our current challenge word was ‘Stretch’. For myself, I wanted to do something I had never tried before. I started by getting out my copy of Rayna Gillman’s book “How to Create your own Hand-Printed cloth” and looked at her directions on Gel Printing. I used textile paints instead of mixing dyes, but the gelatin was the part of the process I hadn’t done before, & it was fun using such a squishy surface for the printing. I picked leaves from my yard, & laid them on the gelatin, then rolled the paint over them, peeled off the leaves, laid down the fabric for the mono-print, then also used the leaf to print an image too.      
I sewed the front & back fabrics together like a pillow, turned it with the batting in place, & closed the opening, then arranged the green pieces & 1 brown on the surface, sewed them in place, & machine quilted until I felt it was time to add another layer of texture.
stretch 002
I added lots of big stitches, French Knots, x’s, & a scattering of seed beads.
You can click on any of the images to see close-ups.
 stretch 003 stretch 005 stretch 007


Delighted Hands said...

Very creative; love the play of color and textures!

Deb Levy said...

Great piece Deb! Wonderful textures from the quilting blend beautifully with the subtle prints.

gpc said...

I love this result! Every time I see one of your creations I think "why can't I do that?" Then I sigh and get another cookie.

Rian said...

Wonderful stuff Deb, you've knocked it out of the park once again.

Rayna said...

This is beautiful, Deb. YOu really make the gelatin work with great results! FInally catching up on blog reading after all my travels.