Thursday, September 23, 2010

Neck purse & Fall Clean-up

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I usually make a neck purse as a gift from our ALCQ quilt guild, for visiting teachers. Tonight is our lecture from Sharon Schamber, so this will be her gift. I decided to do a crazy log cabin front on it, since we are the Log Cabin quilters.

We are having another spectacular autumn, (which helps make up for the lousy summer we had this year). A couple of days ago we found our deck decorated for Halloween already. There must’ve been a spider jamboree out there! UCKY! I HATE spiders!

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ssnp.aejnk 005

We have been very busy this past week, between my working extra days in the Recovery room, studying for my PALS exam coming up in another week, & cleaning out our garage, of all of Aunt Ethel’s old things. I hope to give away or sell most of it.

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ssnp.aejnk 016

Cleaning out the garage exposed me to more molds, so I’ve been coughing a lot, & ended up sleeping in the recliner last night.


Steph said...

ooo are those frosty and friends Ornaments I spy in a picture? what year are those? cause mom has been collecting those for me since I was a baby and am missing a few of the first years of them.

Delighted Hands said...

Oh, the purse is just incredible. Nice work. I do not do well with mold either, another perk of being in FL where it is mostly hot and dry and there are no basements! Hope you feel better soon.

Rian said...

Beautiful purse! Gosh, is fall here already? Guess it's time for you to batten down your hatches.

Connie Rose said...

What a fabulous bag, Deb. I love it!

Michelle Auer said...

If the teacups are up for grabs, I'm trying to collect as many tea sets as possible for Darian's birthday party. Hitting thrift stores and stuff. :-)