Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Day in New York

I am so far behind on blogging! We made a trip to New England a few weeks ago. We took a side trip to New York City. I had never been there & it had been 30+ years for Warren. We rode the train into Grand Central Station. A short walk landed us in Times Square. It was such a surreal experience for me, to be here in the middle of these iconic buildings, seeing things so familiar because of movies & TV.

Following the Maps App in my iphone, we headed for Mood. A few blocks over we found the Fashion District.

I looked up, & there I was in front of Parsons School of Design. Being a fan of Project Runway, this really tickled me!

We got to Mood (THE fabric store used by Project Runway for any of you who have never seen the show), & I had my one & only celebrity sighting while in NYC! That's right, it was Swatch the dog! I did spend a little time petting him, unfortunately I didn't get a shot of that, because my dear husband didn't know how to use my camera!

After I fondled a lot of fabric, & spent a little money, we went in search of the Cake Boss Cafe. When we found it, I got to taste my first ever Cannoli. They were wicked! Warren went for the brownie.

After the snack we went to see Newsies. We had front row center seats. The show was great. The conductor of the orchestra was an arm's length from me, & he made funny goggley- eyes faces at me, to make me laugh. Actually I was pleasantly surprised at how friendly everyone we encountered in NY were. We really had a fun day there, & I want to go back & stay a few days next time; really explore & taste more of New York.