Thursday, March 31, 2011

New England Bound

It seems like a long time since I last posted, but it's not because I had nothing to say, I just have had a lot to do. Life happens. Today my Dad called with his biopsy results, & he has lung cancer. His attitude is good & he is still working & in pretty good shape for the shape he is in at 90. I hope to get home to see him again some time soon.

The hand is feeling better, but a bit encumbered by the brace I have to wear to avoid the pain that happens when the  tendon snaps when I move my thumb. I actually screamed a couple of times in the shower yesterday while washing my hair.'s better than crying!

We are getting ready to go to Rhode Island this weekend to visit family & go to MQX East. I'm excited about the blogging friends I'll finally get to meet face to face. I'm sure we'll all be blogging about it.

I have been working on a few small projects & a customer quilt, as time & pain allowed. I finished this little Chickadee for Marsel, who won the drawing for my 600th blog. You'll have to wait to see the whole thing until she gets it in the mail.

This is Wendy Trasky's quilt, that I finished quilting & binding today. She made it for a new grandson.

The green swirl fabric gave me fits, with skipped stitches. The Milsoft suggestion from Deb Levy seemed to help quite a bit. Once I had sprayed it with a mix of Milsoft & water the skipping wasn't as bad. Thanks again Deb!

Spring-breakup seems to have arrived here in Alaska. The days are bright & warm (in the 40's).
Snow is melting, though still a good foot or two deep in our yard & on the deck. Broc seems to be bothered a bit by the sunlight, but I am enjoying it, & looking forward to seeing green in New England.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Impression Again

OK, maybe it's just the Windows Live Space that is closed down. That is what I had been using to post.
So I will post the details of the Fiberactions piece "Impression" again here. If I can continue to use this space, I will. 

Here's a view of the edge.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

And the winner is...

Thank you all so much, for the kind comments, now I am going to post a link to where I will be moving my Blog since Blogger is forcing me to move!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

#600~ Flat Debbie

Yes I can still anyway. I am a bit worried about the switch that I've been getting emails about. I don't know if I an find the time or energy to figure out a new system, & I've been looking at Typepad vs. Wordpess, & am completely overwhelmed by the whole mess. I welcome any words of wisdom from you out there in Blogland. Remember, 24 hours from this posting I will be drawing a name from the past 5 post's comments, for a nice prise made by my own hands.

Speaking of hands...I have a nice golden brace on my right hand now, & my pain is almost all gone! YIPPIE!

The Chickadee above, is a card I sent to my friend Ilene, for her birthday last month. She should have gotten by now, so I feel free to post it.

Now, you have all hear of "Flat Stanley", right? The little flat paper doll guy who gets sent all over the world for some kid's school project? Well, Jackie Carley brought cardboard cut-outs for us all, at my Calendar Girls meeting a few months go, & challenged us to make our own likenesses using them. I used mine as a pattern to cut out the shape, from Fast-to-Fuse (a stiff stabilizer similar to Timtex).

This is what I ended up with.....Flat Debbie...... 

I drew the face on the fabric using both pencils & ink both. The hair I did on Wash-away stabilizer, with 2 colors of thread, very close to my own color. I washed the stabilizer away, then added the front hair, then back hair.
I dd the same with the sweater, doing free-motion thread-play, to look just like my favorite outfit.

On last thing I want to record here is about my wacky cat, Broccoli. Before 5a.m. he woke me up, "talking" in his sleep. This was a new one for me. He is a very verbal cat, always talking to us, vocalizing all sorts of odd sounds. He has a certain pattern of speech that he uses when we come home, & he meets us at the door. I actually awoke, thinking Warren must be coming home early for some reason, because It was I knew it as too dark to be is usual time, & Broc was talking the way he always does when Warren comes in after work.

Then I realized he was still curled up by my legs, so I nudged him, & he went back to his usual asleep wheezing snore. Who knew cats talked in their sleep!

Now you have 24 hours to comment before a draw a winner. Thanks for all your comments & kind words!