Sunday, June 16, 2013

Painting & Dying

After the record breaking longest winter, we are warming up nicely. I am quite sunburned from playing on the deck all weekend. Yesterday I painted with Dynaflow (& sun-printed with Elderberry leaves-they were easy to pick from the deck).
The first print was just plain black paint.

The next is the before & after on the same piece.
The next 2 are over painted on a fabric I dyed last year & didn't like. The first (below) I over painted with purple.

This next one I over painted from the same fabric, with Brass.

The original fabric is hanging behind, on the line below, & the 2 pieces are the same 2 as above, after the over painting & sun printing. The leaves are subtle on those 2 because of the busy dye job.

 Today I straw-dyed (although I'm thinking I should call it "Dry Dyed") all the left over s from the day before.
The fabric in the tub is 4 curtain panels that I will use on the windows in my Dye Studio when I can use it.

Now to go shower of the sweat! This Alaska girl isn't used to this heat any more! I'm Not complaining though! just's hot! :~D

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Notebook & Quilt plate

 It's my job to make a gift for the visiting quilt teachers. This week Eleanor Levie is coming & I decided to diverge from the usual neck purse, & made this notebook instead. The button is one made by my friend Mindy. It's fused glass. The book is layers of my hand painted, silk with more hand painted cotton underneath & bits of painted dryer sheets, & fused plastic wrap & odd bits sandwiched between the silk & cotton. 
The inside has clear plastic pockets for paper, pen, passport, etc.

Mindy also made this beautiful plate, & gave it to me yesterday.

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Sadie Cove Weekend

On our way to Homer. Clear sunny skies for my birthday (May 24th).

Turnagain Arm was beautiful.

We stopped at the old homestead site, that was destroyed in the 1964 earthquake. I've always wanted to go over to it & snap a few photos. The day was perfect for it. I loved the rusty old truck cab there.

Speeding past Ninilchick, Mount Iliamna was shining in all her glory. Folks were gathering in Ninilchick for the low tide weekend clamming.

When we got to the Homer Spit, it was dinner time & Warren wanted to do Captain Patties for my birthday dinner.It's a great place for seafood.

The birthday cake was YUMMMMMY!

Friday, June 07, 2013

What a difference a few days can make! Last posting (May 18th-snow) this posting, photos taken 2 weeks later. I got sunburned on my back while spending the day out on the deck, painting some fabric.

Broccoli has been enjoying the change in the weather too.

This local garden pest took an afternoon nap in the shade of our evergreens. He is a big garden pest, but we love having them hang around.

We went to Sadie Cove over Memorial weekend. We were invited by one of the Doctors I used to work for. He & his family have a group of cabins, & several of us from the old office went. I'll post a big post on that weekend in the next day or two, but the reason I'm bringing it up now, is Patty (Dave-the doctor's wife), gave me these 3 tools from one of the old cabins, just because I thought they were wonderful. I think they are for shaping wood trims, but what I did with them was use them for stamping on fabric.

I alternated 2 of them along the edge of the piece above, then used the triangle shape all over on the piece below.

I also just played with color & a couple of bubble-like stencils that I have, to make the all-over designs. It felt so good to be out in the hot sun getting sweaty & creative at the same time!
What a treat after such a long cold winter!

Next post Sadie Cove!