Saturday, June 08, 2013

Sadie Cove Weekend

On our way to Homer. Clear sunny skies for my birthday (May 24th).

Turnagain Arm was beautiful.

We stopped at the old homestead site, that was destroyed in the 1964 earthquake. I've always wanted to go over to it & snap a few photos. The day was perfect for it. I loved the rusty old truck cab there.

Speeding past Ninilchick, Mount Iliamna was shining in all her glory. Folks were gathering in Ninilchick for the low tide weekend clamming.

When we got to the Homer Spit, it was dinner time & Warren wanted to do Captain Patties for my birthday dinner.It's a great place for seafood.

The birthday cake was YUMMMMMY!

We camped in the van that night.

The next morning I walked the beach in search of beach glass, but found only shells, rocks, tide pools, drift wood, etc. I was happy with just the walk.

At 930 we took all our gear down the ramp to wait for the water taxi. Next time, remind me to  book the taxi for high tide, not the lowest of the season! The ramp was nearly vertical thanks to the very low tide! I really don't like heights. I went up & down this ramp at least 6 times getting gear down to the dock.

Ann & Gerry made it too. It was good to see them both again. It was about a 20 minute boat ride across Katchemak Bay to Sadie Cove.

We passed several otters along the way.

Dave greeted us when we got to the Peach;s place.

Patty gave a tour of all the cabins.

It was way nicer than I was expecting!

The cabin above was the sauna. Every day Patty would stoke up the fire & keep it going so we could all go in & bathe & have a nice was Heavenly! 

They even had hot & cold running water.

Patty surprised me by bringing out her first quilt. I didn't realize she was even a quilter!

The old saw blade on the side of the far cabin was giant!

Dave showed us where hoses were for fire safety.

Dave took Nancy & me on a hike up to the old original cabin.

It was WAY up there. My knees were noodles.

The view was great.

This was the original kitchen. More like what I'd been expecting!

The outhouse was cute.

It has a sense of humor. What else would you expect from a Gastroenterologist?

I loved the door on the old cabin.
Did I mention it was high up there? Did I mention I'm not crazy about heights?

At least there was a hand-rail.

The next boat came in at high tide..John & Mindy, Pete & Nikki, & Elle with her litttle dog Samantha.

Dinner was steaks grilled over an open fire.

Mindy was prepared with firemen hats, to surprise Nikki. Apparently she has a thing for firemen.

It was pretty funny,

Pete makes a pretty cute fireman, Maybe when he retires from surgery he can start a new career.


Samantha got thirsty & decided to help herself.


 Elle brought a Flyng Dutchman dessert for our first night
Patty kept Dave busy with a to-do list.

Dave showed us the boat building barn that was actually part of the house that we stayed in.

I loved all of the old things in it.

Wouldn't the ladder be beautiful with quilts hanging on it?

That very top part on the roof (pictured below) is the room Warren & I slept in! What a view!

I liked this old out building with the colorful balls (for shrimping).

We spent our first morning at low tide digging for dinner!  If we had needed these for survival  we'd have starved! We spent a lot of energy getting these butter clams, but we had a lot of fun doing it, & they did taste really good. & so tender!

Pete made one of his famous pies for day 2 dessert> Gee He could be a Pie-maker too!

We gathered & had a lot of fun, at each meal. Warren & I both gained a pound a day while we were there! It's taking me 2 weeks to take of the 4 pounds I gained in 4 days!

Dave took Pete & Nikki, Mindy & me out for a boat ride.

We stopped & met some of the neighbors across the cove. Marcy & Willie.

I loved their artful home. They rent it out all summer.

Views from the sleeping loft were great. It sleeps 6. 

They had a few bottle walls that let light in.

Mindy & I tried the swing. Below is my view from the swing looking up. I liked the lines.

We tried a little fishing. Caught & released a few Irish Lords.

A lot of enjoying the sun happened.

I spent a little time playing with the shells while soaking up the sun.

Mindy, & John, & Warren & I brought our Hobo Pie makers, & introduced everyone else to the joys of making & eating your own Hobo Pies. They were YUMMY too! I liked the cherry with bits of a chocolate/chili bar that Nancy brought. 

Our last morning was still & foggy, but lifted before we left.

Nancy (Ann) & Gerry waiting for our taxi back to Homer.

We ended up going out at low tide again! How do we do that?

Patty & Dave were the best! Thank you SO MUCH!!!

Mountain goats were our back drop the whole weekend in Sadie Cove. This view on the way out was the closest we got. Note the 2 eagles in the upper right watching.

Fog still hugged the water in places.

An old otter greeted us back in the Homer harbor.

We stopped at our favorite coffee joint in Homer for a cup before heading home.

One of Homers crows dropped by while we were there.

The trees were finally green! Welcome springtime 3 weeks late!

Broccoli was happy to have us home again.


Stephanie Briggs said...

Looked like you had a lot of fun.

Diane said...

I spent a week in Homer with my daughter and family several years ago. Loved it so much I did not want to leave!

Deb H said...

I know what you mean Diane. I love Homer. I would be apply to live ther year around.

gpc said...

What a beautiful setting for a relaxing vacation! I had never heard of an Irish Lord fish, I had to google it! Cool.


Belated Happy Birthday Deb.. Your trip to HOMER sounded very lovely. Hugs Judy

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Love Homer, wish we were there!