Friday, April 20, 2012

In my Calendar Girls group, we have just started a Round Robin. Above is the piece of fabric given to me by my friend Mary Gerkin. We each just passed a piece of fabric from our stash for the start. Several of us used fabric we painted, printed or manipulated in some way. Mary did hers in my class. 
Below is what I made out of it. There are no rules, we just had to do what ever we felt like doing, & then we will pass it on to the next person next month. I layered this on to backing & batting as I pieced it together, so it is already partially quilted. Now when I pass it on, Carol may quilt, or embellish, or do what ever she wants.

Today when we were having our dinner, this poor squirrel decided to come for dinner too. He looked like he was shirtless! I think he must have Mange!

Photos were taken through the window with the sun shining right at me, so I got a lot of reflection, but can you how bald the poor thing is?! I feel like I should knit him a little sweater!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

We had our Calendar Girl's group at Rena's house today. Rena is the red-head in the photo above.
Mary P. Lee on the far left, Rena Brinker, Carol Wight-Jones, & Jean Ferguson. Jean is leaving us soon & moving to Oregon. 
Above is the scarf that Rena Dyed in my "Straw Dyeing class",
& below is another piece of fabric she did in the class, using my potato masher for a stamp.
The next piece was done by Mary Gerkin, her nod to Van Gogh.

Rena is a terrific chef, & we always look forward to whatever she makes. It not only tastes good, but looks beautiful too. We were all impressed with the apple swan,
& the radish mice.
I thought I should also show out deck on Easter Sunday. We got the snowfall that put us over the record set in 1954-55. Warren had shoveled all of the 4 feet deep snow off the week before. This was all Sat. night. It has since all melted.
The Easter Bunny left us a fun basket of goodies. Thank you EB!

There is still plenty of snow in the north-west corner of the yard, plenty of time to pick dates for the Rabbit Creek Snow Classic!

Monday, April 02, 2012

Jackie's Quilt

I just finished (on Sunday) quilting this quilt for my friend Jackie.
It has a mice plushy back. Ohhh so soft!

Sunday, April 01, 2012