Thursday, April 12, 2012

We had our Calendar Girl's group at Rena's house today. Rena is the red-head in the photo above.
Mary P. Lee on the far left, Rena Brinker, Carol Wight-Jones, & Jean Ferguson. Jean is leaving us soon & moving to Oregon. 
Above is the scarf that Rena Dyed in my "Straw Dyeing class",
& below is another piece of fabric she did in the class, using my potato masher for a stamp.
The next piece was done by Mary Gerkin, her nod to Van Gogh.

Rena is a terrific chef, & we always look forward to whatever she makes. It not only tastes good, but looks beautiful too. We were all impressed with the apple swan,
& the radish mice.
I thought I should also show out deck on Easter Sunday. We got the snowfall that put us over the record set in 1954-55. Warren had shoveled all of the 4 feet deep snow off the week before. This was all Sat. night. It has since all melted.
The Easter Bunny left us a fun basket of goodies. Thank you EB!

There is still plenty of snow in the north-west corner of the yard, plenty of time to pick dates for the Rabbit Creek Snow Classic!


Michelle Auer said...

I stand by my June 16th date!

Steph said...

oh I love that radish mouse that is to dang cute

Steph said...
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Kathy -MIQuilter said...

The straw dyeing fabrics are beautiful, your a great teacher. Someday I'm taking your class!

Delighted Hands said...

You are surrounding yourself with creative friends...nice results!

Rian said...

That potato masher makes a fine print! Looks like you all had a fine time.