Monday, February 14, 2011

UFO’s on Valentine’s Day


cg&ufos 003

Actually this post starts on last Thursday. We had our Calendar Girls meeting at Rena’s house.

Jan was working on a dog applique’ above.

Below are pictures of Dean & Betty’s owl. Dean carved it, & Betty painted it. It’s wood.

cg&ufos 001cg&ufos 002

Rena served a lovely lunch, on these cool plates.

cg&ufos 004

I love the UFO.

cg&ufos 005

Speaking of UFOs. I started going through a box full of them today.

I found these blocks from 1996! Quilt camp in Michigan. I had completely forgotten them.

cg&ufos 011

I played with layouts, & I think I may make them into a table runner for Fall.

cg&ufos 012

I also found this little block that my daughter made. I added the borders, & have started quilting it.

cg&ufos 013 - Copy

Here is a project that took me about 30 years, & 15 minutes (as my friend Kathy would say).

I colored this fabric book 30 years ago, & today I trimmed up the pages, & sewed them together, in about 15 minutes. I had intended it for my kids, but will send it to Carys & Zoe (the youngest grand girls).

cg&ufos 015

I started pinning some of the UFO’s to my wall. Plenty to be inspired by, when I hit a dull day.

I am avoiding my latest customer quilt, until the Milsoft gets here, from Dharma Trading Co. Thanks to a suggestion from Deb Levy.

cg&ufos 014

Here is the UFO box, AFTER I went through it. Several more UFO’s remain in the box. Oh the joys of having ADD!

cg&ufos 016

The Teddy Bear Tea is coming this Thursday, so I had to make a couple of small quilts to go with this gorilla,

cg&ufos 006

& Sully. Sully has been in my studio since last year, & I have fallen in love with him, so I’ve ordered another just like him, for myself. I just couldn’t live with out his sweet smile in here.

cg&ufos 007

This Chickadee, is the last of today’s post. I was watching them yesterday at our bird feeder, & did a quick pencil sketch of one, the put him on to wool. with my felting needles, & a little quilting for finishing, plus a few beads. So this is my sketch for this week, & my DH’s valentine.

cg&ufos 009


Delighted Hands said...

Don't you wonder why you quit on some things so close to the finish line?! Nice eclectic post-

Rian said...

You really made my day with your comment, "oh the joys of having ADD..." So very true.

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

I just looked at my quilt camp blocks a few months ago, I like the idea of the table runner. I don't remember seeing the pumpkin block. The chickedee piece is beautiful, I know Warren will love it.

Connie Rose said...

I especially love your chickadee!

JW said...

Love the Chickadee Deb! I wish I had room in my studio for an 'inspiration' wall. I'm lucky to keep enough of the design wall available. :) Sure feels good whittling down the UFO pile. Good job.

My Little Family: said...

OMG! I have some of that leaf fabric that i have been hoarding for years because I love it so much I can hardly part with or use it. lol