Sunday, February 27, 2011

post 599- Still here


Yes I’m still here. I am having hand issues still. It has now focused into my right hand & is a case of De Quervains  tendinitis. I will have to call my pal Mindy & see if Pete can help, because it has been going on since Jan 4th, & isn’t getting any better. It’s interfering with everything.


On a more fun note, this quilt, that is featured in my header, is now in Allie Aller’s book, on page 64. I was very honored when Allie told me she was going to include it in her book, & a wonderful book it is! I’ve already bought 4 copies to give as gifts! I also showed it to Diana Bradley at Quilt Zone yesterday, so she is going to order some copies to sell in her shop.


I was teaching my Minimal Marking Free Motion Machine Quilting class.

Below are 2 samples that I demonstrated on. I like the #12 wgt. Aurifil thread , it shows up well against the black fabric.

.today 017

today 020


Below are 2 cards I made this week. The Raven is for a friend who is in the hospital.

today 016

& the flowers for a childhood friend, who just lost her father. Both are needle punch with a small bit of quilting, on wool.

today 014

Last, I wanted to show you Broccoli, keeping my chair warm for me.

today 004

Next post, will be #600. 24 hours after I publish it, I will draw names for a prize. It will probably be some time next week! Until then, as my friend Sue Hausmann says, “Happy sewing!”.


Marsel said...

Love the colors and textures of that quilt...congratulations on having it featured in a book!

Sorry to hear about your pain...any pain or ill health is frustrating, but when it interferes with our crafting, much more so! Hope you get relief soon.

Delighted Hands said...

Hope you are going to get some relief soon! The cards are so cute-glad you can do some small work. Congrats on the quilt featured in a book; how cool is that!?!

Anita said...

Congratulations on being published! That piece is wonderful. Sure hope your hand pain will ease soon.

Connie Rose said...

So sorry about your hands, I know what a bummer it is when they don't do what we want them to do. I hope things clear up for you, soon.

Connie Rose said...

And congrats on your quilt being published!

Steph said...

Aww that's nice of Broc to keep your chair warm for you. Sorry that your hands are still bugging you, I hope you get some relief soon

Irish Mary said...

Wonderful work Deb, congrats too on getting your quilt published. Love those cards too. One talented lady!!

sophie said...

I hope your hand issues can be resolved and soon. I love the photo of Broccoli on the rolling chair. One of my cats favors a chair like that, too ... I am stills surprised that she chooses a perch that moves (and spins!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Deb its me your old work buddy. I am going to post on #600 so I can win the prize. Stephanie showed me how to comment anonymously. Had a great time last night at the free dinner. Got called into work at 2300 so good thing I didn't take up Mark's offer. Judy E

Exchange server 2010 said...

I really loved that quilt

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Your two cards are beautiful, I love the needle felted wool. Congratulations on being published, when are you going to write your own book? "Adventures of the Alaskan quilter"

Allison Ann Aller said...

Those free motion samplers are soooo cool, done in crazy quilt mode. I have never seen that and I love it!!!
Thanks for your kind words about my book, too. It was an honor to have your quilt in there. ;-)

Helen Suzanne said...

Hiya, sorry to hear you've hand troubles. Wishing that something can be done soon to mend it. hugs Helen S

quiltmom said...

You sure are an amazing art quilter, Deb- I love the wonderful things I have seen you do with thread.
I hope that you work out your blog woes- I do enjoy seeing all your interesting fantastic quilt pieces.
I also hope that your hand is not giving you too much trouble.
Thanks for sharing your lovely pieces.
Congratulations on reaching #600.