Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Sorry I left that old post with my mug up for so long! Thanks for all of the good advice, & nice words! I have been very busy lately. First of all I was sick the the upper respiratory crud that knocked the wind out of my sails for a whole week. I still have junk in my lungs, but it's getting much better.
I have been working hard, trying to get my guest room ready for company. Also working on pieces for my show in July. I have 3 very involved thread paintings that I want to get finished this week.
Last Wednesday was a gorgeous day. I took this picture off my deck, of Flattop, the most climbed mountain in the Anchorage bowl. I looked through my spotting scope & there were at least 50 people up there that evening. I checked again at 1130 pm, just before heading to bed & there were at least 30 still up there. It never really gets dark here now, so people get pretty ambitious.
Thursday I had Calendar Girls at my house. We ended up inside, because the day was cool & gray. We laughed so hard, I needed my inhaler, but it was good therapy!
Carol Wight Jones received this quilt from Jan Wills. It was her baggie that Jan got & made this from Carol's stuff.

Carol made this spectacular piece from Jan's stuff. I thought it really looked nice on my quilt rack, but Jan wanted to take it home. The focus fabric was an antique kimono that Jan had bought years ago, & never decided what to do with it, until this baggie challenge came up, so she threw it in her bag! Smart girl!
I have been happy to see some of my flowers coming back finally, after the devastation that our yard has been through, with the construction on the house. These are Forget-me-nots. I also have some Lupin blooming , which I'm really excited about. It only took them about 6 years to really develop after transplanting them.
I did finally decide to go for the color. The grey looked tired to me. I had a hard time getting a picture that actually shows the color. It is very subtle. I used Ash blond, & it still has grey, but it's brighter, not so dull. I really appreciate so many thoughtful replies. I don't like spending a lot of time or money on my hair, but this only took about 40 minutes & didn't even cost $10.00, so I think that's OK.


Delighted Hands said...

Sympathy on the chest cold......it is taking so long to feel better! Like your hair-good decision.

Debra said...

I had to stop by to see what you decided on your hair--good call.

lenoirdenantes said...

I agree that the slight change complements your face and skin. I gave up coloring my hair several years ago. It was below my waist and took two bottles to color. When I finally had it all chopped off in January I decided that the grey looked like a deliberate streak in my hair and just left it alone. Know anyone who want 1 1/2 bottles of hair color?

I just started reading your blog and it looks interesting. I'll lurk some more.
Karen W. in S.W. Ohio

Anonymous said...

Hello Deb ( I hope this is your name ??)
I like reading your blog which brings me so different landscapes...I am french, living in south of France ...
Your blog is very interesting , we can look at particular quilts , and feel a great friendship in your group.
Thank you to share that with far quilters.

Nicole (testpatch2.blogspot.com)

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Deb, WOW, love the new color and it makes you look like a young kid again. VBG WOW, How I love all the photos of Alaska. When I visit your blog I long to visit to see the old places I use to visit soo often. Hugs Judy