Monday, December 07, 2009

Time Flies By


Where did this past week go to? Monday we shopped & mailed Christmas packages. Went to  see “New Moon”. I was a bit disappointed. I can’t understand why they have to put things in a movie that didn’t happen in the book. Like the book wasn’t long enough to stick to the plot? I felt the same way with the last Harry Potter movie. Why do they need to add things that didn’t happen?

Tuesday…I really can’t remember what we did. I got over-staffed at work for the 3rd week in a row. No paycheck last Friday. I think I worked on Ilene’s commission quilt that day. I’m still working on it. Doing a bit of silk ribbon work on it.

Wednesday we went out to dinner. That night I started feeling ill. Sharp stomach pains woke me up several times during the night.

Thursday, even though I felt ill, I dragged myself to Quilt Guild for the Holiday party. I would have stayed home, but had gifts for the Calendar Girls table that I HAD to deliver. It was a nice party, but I felt to sick to eat anything. I did manage to take pictures for the blog site.

Friday I prepped for classes that I taught over the weekend.

Saturday was Minimal Marking Free Motion Machine Quilting. It was a really good class. My students were all remarkable.

002  Dianne has taken several of my classes lately. Her quilting was already beautiful.

004 007

006 005 003

Sunday we wrapped up the ABC’s of Embellishment series by using some of the things we learned in about class to make ATC’s (Artist Trading Cards).

Joanne’s, Dianne’s, & mine are shown here. Karen & Natalie didn’t participate on this exercise.


Dianne used leaves that she had embossed on to her fabric, & a little bit of my painted batting (the orange strips). Joanne used some Angelina fibers, some of her fabric that was embellished with the Shiva Paint stick rubbings, & a little bit of my painted fused, Glad plastic wrap, with bits of Angelina sheets inside it.

033 032

Mine used some of my Shiva stick Oil paint embellished fabric, a little of my Glad Wrap painted & fused, & a square of “Whisper”.

All of us covered the top with a layer of Tulle, to keep all the little bits secure.


 022I finally got my friend Kate’s quilt off of Lily, & hung for photo’s. It’s such a lovely bit of sunshine hanging in my studio.

 026 030

029 027

On my way home yesterday, I stopped to get a picture of the mountains, with a pink glow. The sun is so low on the horizon for us right now, that both sunrise & sunset have been spectacular lately.


When I got in my yard, this was the view of the inlet through the trees.



Later, as it got darker, the color got so intense. The trees looked like they were on fire. The last one was taken through the glass of the living room window. I didn’t want to go get my tripod, for fear the color would be gone.



Melodie said...

You have been busy! So, what was wrong with your tummy?
I thought the 1st photo of the trees looked ablaze! They're all beautiful. So is that sunshine quilt! It might be worth making one in those colors just to warm up the house in the winter!!
We drove to Musk in foul weather to attend a funeral. Jim Mayo's dad passed away. He was 2 days shy of 93 yrs. old. Born in 1916.....imagine the things he's seen in his lifetime!

Rian said...

Yes, time does fly by! Way too fast. I wish I could take one of your classes. I have a picture much like your last one that I took when I was in Alaska in the winter. Beautiful.

Anita said...

Wow! You're even busy during sick weeks. Love the sunsets, and of course, all the quilting.

Delighted Hands said...

What excellent subjects-the class looks wonderful-very happy and creative students; the customer quilt is a delight on every level; the sunset is beyond amazing-so glad you captured it for us all!

The Calico Cat said...

That drunkards path quilt is lovely, but the colors in those last few photos - divine!

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Your class looks like a lot of fun, wish I was taking one. The sunset pictures almost look fake they are so beautiful.
I am thinking but can't remember my birthday, I do remember Christmas though (of course you wouldn't ask that), the little sketch pad with machine quilted insert, and machine embroidered calender cover. I remember those as I use them all the time.

mindy said...

Wow..lots to catch up on! I love Kates quilt...and I can't believe she's never done batik have we allowed that?
They're beautiful.
Goodness...those quilt glass tiles were just little experiments...nearly tossed them in the trash they're so awful....guess I'd better make you some real ones soon.
I really need to keep up with this always have amazing projects. I wish you could have joined us in the Encaustic Painting was a blast....I"ve not bought all the supplies to do it at home. We're ready...come play. Will probably take her next open class on 1/10...are you available? Oh and Lily is coming on the 20th...not sure on Mr. Bahumbug.

MargaretR said...

I hope you are feeling better? These sunset photos are lovely.
Wish I could join your classes.