Saturday, December 12, 2009

Calendar Girls Xmas & Ice Fog

We have had several days of Ice Fog, here in Anchorage. That happens a lot here in the winter, & I think it’s beautiful.
calgirlxmas 001
The ice fog in my back yard inspired this ornament, that I made for one of my Calendar Girls packages. We do a “White Elephant Exchange” each year, & get rid of old stuff that we don’t want any more. It’s a lot of fun! I like to put something nice on the outside of the package, because what’s inside isn’t always that good.
calgirlxmas 002
Jackie broke her toe, at the last Quilt guild meeting. She had kicked off her shoes, then proceeded to run into a chair leg, so she kept her foot elevated for the duration.
calgirlxmas 003
Below are photos of each one of the Calendar Girls, that Jackie put into her computer & manipulated into a kaleidoscope.  We may use them in our next challenge.
calgirlxmas 004 calgirlxmas 005 calgirlxmas 006 
We did our traditional calendar exchange before lunch.
calgirlxmas 007
Jackie got the one from me, & was quite excited over the handmade quilt-jewelry that I tucked into the calendar package.
calgirlxmas 008
Betty  made a wonderful seafood lasagna, with an Alfredo sauce. Oooo it was good.
 calgirlxmas 009
After lunch we did the White Elephant/Chinese Auction. It was a lot of fun. The way it works, is each person can bring up to 3 packages. It’s supposed to be stuff you really want to get rid of. I gave away a stack of books & about a dozen little fabric cows, & a funny little sign. I wrapped them in nice fabric & put something handmade in each one.
 calgirlxmas 010
Below, Mary shows a funny plastic purse-monkey that Jackie bought at a garage sale for this exchange. She stuffed it with nice little scraps of fabric.
calgirlxmas 011
Rena got this UFO block made by Mary Lee.calgirlxmas 012
A Mobius scarf made by Jan,
calgirlxmas 013
& I’m not sure what the little hearts are actually for, but..well Rena is a lot of fun!
calgirlxmas 014
calgirlxmas 016 calgirlxmas 018 calgirlxmas 019
 calgirlxmas 021
That’s my usual tongue out expression.
calgirlxmas 020
calgirlxmas 023
A singing fish!  “Oh. I’m wrapping this back up & giving it to my husband for Christmas!”
calgirlxmas 024 

calgirlxmas 039
Ice fog & blue sky is what our yard looked like today.
calgirlxmas 038
I did another tree for my new store sample,
calgirlxmas 027
as well as a dragonfly, (all inspired by the colors of the world around me)
calgirlxmas 026
to go with the blue lily for my Threadplay with Wire class, starting in January at Seams like Home.
calgirlxmas 028


Delighted Hands said...

Food, fiber family and fun-excellent post! Love the foggy pics, too.

Rian said...

Alaska is so beautiful in the winter! That's a lot of hardware for an itty bitty toe, and boy it sure looks like you and the "girls" are having fun. I just love girl-time.

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

I love your frosty tree and flower. Your party looked like a lot of fun. Mary just did the computer kaleidoscope images with some of the sunsets from our retreat. They turned out beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I have to join a quilt looks like so much fun! Hey...Poor Jackie and her toe/foot. I hope she will heal quickly! Thanks for sharing your pictures. My area quilt group meets the 12th..I will have to double check..12th of January. Then maybe next Dec I can post some fun pictures. :)