Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spring Fishy


fishq 007

It’s finaly getting green i my yard. Spring seems to be late this year. It got up to 63 degrees today. I sat out on the deck at lunch time to eat my apple with peanut butter.

fishq 006

Warren planted some flowers in the containers on the deck today.  We still aren’t planting in the yard, because the plan is to do the stone work on the lower half of the house this summer. We are hiring it done.

fishq 005

Warren gave me an early birthday gift this week (the birthday isn’t until next Monday). It’s this nice red grill. I made pizzas on it Saturday evening.

fishq 004

I have been working hard on this Fishy quilt, made by Tracy Trasky. I have all of the borders, & background quilting done, but still have lots of detail quilting to do. You can click on the pictures to get a closer look. There are waves & bubbles on the background & borders (per Tracy’s wishes).

fishq 008

The fishes have scales (& my shoulders have cramps from all of the tight quilting I’ve been doing)

 fishq 009

Below is the back side.

fishq 010

I have a dress for a friend’s wedding that I am also trying to help her on, though it is very challenging. It’s stretchy velvet & slippery satin. Argh!



Marsel said...

"Hiring it done" -- a wonderful phrase. "Stretchy velvet and slippery satin" -- not so much! lol

The quilting detail is great...what a wonderful way to take a quilt from nice to wow!

Delighted Hands said...

The yard will be beautiful when you get the stonework-nice to have a project to look forward to. The quilting is perfect-such a compliment to the piecing!

Melodie said...

We're finally getting into the 70s here. It sure has been a long haul on your house! I hope it's done at some point!

Tracy said...

Thank you! You've made my quilt into a true work of art~!

Steph said...

Ha mom would call the dress liquid snot, she altered a skirt of mine in high school that was stretchy velvet and said never again!

I'm glad summer is finally rolling around and it's getting nice out

Wendy said...

Deb! you are truly awesome! We are drooling with anticipation for your finished work! No pressure!