Saturday, July 31, 2010

Double Musky & next Quilt projects

drSFquil 002 
Just in case you wanted to know. These are the hours at the Double Musky. We went on Wednesday, thinking the would be open at 430. They weren’t, but we were near the head of the line, so didn’t have to wait for a table once they did open.
We went with my pal Judy & Warren’s work partner Will. Warren & Will had a bet going on all of the football games last season, & the loser had to take the winner to the Double Musky for dinner. It was neck & neck through the whole season, & they were tied going into the Super Bowl game, where Will won, so this is what Will got for winning. It looked like 1/2 a cow on his plate. A family of 5 could easily have made a meal out of this piece of meat! Will is probably still eating it. He took most of it home with him.
drSFquil 004
This was on the wall right behind me. Will said he wants to go to Mount Veeder.
drSFquil 007
As far as the quilting part of my life, in my typical ADD fashion, I am looking at several projects at once. This top belongs to my pal Jan Wills. She is a terrific appliqué’ artist. I am working on designs for quilting this piece, & had to order some new thread to use on this piece.
 janw 002
Below, this large quilt top is hanging on my wall, & I have been doodling designs in my computer for how I might quilt this one. This is another Dr. Shirley Fraser quilt. She’s a wonderful lady, & I love her dearly.
drSFquil 008 - Copy drSFquil 009
Last, here is a little peek of my gel printed fabrics (for the Fiberactions next challenge), that I have arranged & rearranged until I’ve found a configuration that I like. I had it all arranged on my portable press board, but nothing was pinned or glued, which was fine because I keep my studio door shut, & things never get messed with when I’m not here….NOT!
My DH had to iron a shirt, & it so happens that he likes my portable press board, because it’s so convenient! So last night I spent another 1/2 hour rearranging the pieces that I hadn’t photographed or pinned in place!  They are now pinned together!
gelpr 002
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Marge said...

The Double Musky in Girdwood? I've been there. We waited in line about three hours, I think, but the food was worth every second of the wait!

Sandy said...

Have fun when you go. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Delighted Hands said...

Nice to see the flurry of activity in the quilting arena. You will make them come to life. Love the results of the block you dyed-amazing fabric.

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

Your gel print fabric turned out beautiful, I like how your putting it together.