Saturday, May 27, 2006

A Visitor, & Exploding Laundry!

Look who just stopped by for a drink, & a little rest in the shade of my yard!

The above photo is some of what I removed from 3 cuts of fabric, after Warren washed them with Aunt Ethel's vest (below). The vest apparently wasn't washable. I used several sheets of my lint roller to clean up the mess that was left after shaking the fabric out as much as I could.
My gears are turning now.....hmmm... Can I use these in an art piece? The vest will be reincarnated into a pillow for Aunt E. to use behind her back!


KCQuilter said...

Oh, wow. Love the moose pictures! We were in Alaska a few years ago and saw our first moose--so ugly he was cute LOL! Glad I was inside a bus though. Thanks for the memories.

Rian said...

OMG, a moose! I luvit! Okay, now I know there really are moose in Alaska. What a cool thing to have visit your yard.

Sande said...

So how does a Michigan gal end up in Alaska with a moose in the backyard?