Thursday, May 04, 2006

Threadplay Flower & Adult Day care

I found this fun little link. It's like a color wheel you can play with. & if you haven't noticed I have a 2nd blog here.

This morning I made another little threadplay flower-pin. Much like the one I made for my grand daughter's purse, which I already sent to her. I decided to make another for myself, to show a completed example for my class tomorrow. It has a mirror in the center.

Today Warren & I took Auntie E to a place called Daybreak. It's an adult day care center. I had no idea we had one so close to our house, & it seems like a wonderful place. Auntie E got very nervous, I think she thought it was a nursing home when we first went in. She had a small stroke this past Tuesday, & her speech has been affected. We are concerned about her being home mostly alone when I'm working & Warren is sleeping (he works nights). The people were very kind & friendly & I think she's going to love going there when I'm working. I'll take her at 730, then Warren will pick her up at 3 when he gets up. The cost was almost nothing, we were shocked at how cheap it was. The daily rate is what I thought they'd charge per hour, but it's government funded for now at least. It's nice to know there is some good in what the government is doing.


KCQuilter said...

Oh, my, that threadplay flower is GORGEOUS! I am wanting to get into threadplay too.
Best wishes on the adult daycare situation. I know how difficult it is to find good care for aging relatives while you work. Sounds like you found a great place.

Dale Anne said...

The flower is GORGEOUS and I wish I was in your class!!!
The adult daycare sounds like a great place and I think more places will have to start thinking about something like this.

Alison Schwabe said...

What a fabulous little colour wheel link - thanks for posting that - should be mighty useful. Oh, and the flower is lovely

Dianna in Maui said...

Deb, adult day care centers are great. We took my grandfather-in-law there when he lived with us for a short time. It was wonderful respite for my mother-in-law and the folks there were sweet and generous. Here, too, it was very affordable. Grandpa had Alzheimer's/dementia. I hope you have a good experience with your center. Much aloha.

MJAPA said...

These flowers are even cooler in real life! Amazing!