Saturday, May 06, 2006

Back To Teaching

Here is Natalie proudly wearing the flower she made in my Threadpainting class last evening. I had agonized over whether or not I had wanted to continue teaching, because of the former student who took my purse design & started mass marketing them, & now I'm back, & I really did enjoy it. Most of the class had taken classes from me before, & had been glad that I was back offering something a little different. Natalie is one of the repeaters. We did discuss the copyright issue a little at the beginning of class, even though it's not as relevant to this class, I figure it's something that I want to try & make people more aware of. Bottom line, if you take a class from someone, before you start mass producing & selling what you learned, ASK THEM!!!!


MJAPA said...

I'm glad you are back to teaching and enjoying it. Never let anyone steal your joy (or your designs for that matter!)
But hey, all great art is derivative of something... I swear my first record was filled with things we stole from the Beatles!

MJAPA said...

yes, it is obv we both have very busy Saturday nights! heehee! :-)

If you want to see the rest of the buddy an me photos they are here:

Thanks mom! I owe it to good genes!
love you too!

Sande said...

Congratulations on returning to teaching...sounds like a great choice for you. Moving forward is tons more fun than looking backwards!