Friday, May 12, 2006


We went to the movie last night to see "Hoot", a story that takes place in Florida, & is about burrowing owls.
The story was slighty corny, but cute, & I will buy the DVD when it comes out, because I did really enjoy it. First of all, I learned about these cute little owls, the kids in the movie were cute, the Barney Fife cop character was handsome in a way poor Barney never was. The scenery was a BEAUTIFUL side of Florida, that I've never seen when I've been there (I told Warren, this is the side that Kathy tells us about). This movie made me want to live there (don't worry Warren, I still love Alaska). & I enjoyed Jimmy Buffet's music.
After the show we got home at 1130pm, the sun was still setting in the north-west (it does that here, this time of year). There was a wide band of salmon pink sky, while over head it was dusk. We went & soaked in the hot tub, the steam felt good in my burning lungs. I still have the hacky cough, & slept poorly. Between the cough, & heartburn from reflux because of popcorn & a handfull of peanutbutter malt balls (I told Warren don' EVER let me do that again!) I don't think I'll eat at all today, I feel like.........well, you get the idea. Back to my Wgt Watchers!!& down to the studio! I want to finish that barn quilt, & I think I may need a nap later, when my stomach feels better.

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Allison said...

Hope your feel better soon...that late dusk hottub sounded really nice....had to help at least a little!...nice seeing your roadway, too; I love being able to visualize where my blogging friends live!