Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Birthday continues

The picture above done by Leedy, came in the mail today from my friend Ilene. It says, "My friend is someone I can Count on". Very cute, & very us! I thought it should set right between Woody & Buzz, since friendship is what they're all about. My daughter also sent me a Paul Simon CD, & a mix that she put together, so I think I'll finally break down & go buy a CD player so that I can listen to them. We have one in the living room, but I want one for the studio. The living room CD player is full. It has 200 CDs in it. I'll get a small one for me.
Below is my design wall again. I'm starting to line the edges with ATCs & cards & a Postquard that I've gotten from other bloggers. I need a whole bunch more to fill in, SO IF ANYONE OUT THERE WANTS TO TRADE AN ATC, LET ME KNOW!!! An ATC is an Artist Trading Card. They are 2 1/2"x # 3 1/2", & must only be traded, never sold! They can be mixed media, paper or cloth, quilted or not. A little tiny expression of an individual's art.(This in red, is posted in reply to my Michelle's question). The 2 girls below are also on my dark side blog.
I got a kick out of Four Dinners reply on my last blog. That guy is a hoot. I can't remember the last time I was called a "Babe'. Thanks fella!


Shirley Goodwin said...

Oh I missed reading your blog the other day - happy belated birthday, Deb! We're the same age...and obviously both good-looking, talented and so on! Twins separated at birth? Oh no, maybe not, my birthday's in October.......

MJAPA said...

What is an ATC?