Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Patterns vs Book, what would you like to see?

Here is a view looking northwest from my front porch at 11 pm tonight.

To the comments on my previous post:
Am I selling patterns or when is the book coming out? Hmmm... I'm not sure on either account.
Actually this past weekend I spent most of Saturday writing the patterns, for 2 different styles of my reversible purses. I was trying to decide, should I just publish the patterns idividually, or should I turn it into a book, with all the trimmings, including my hints on design, quilting & embellishing, & all the variations that I've explored?
I'm leaning toward a book, although, I have the pattern just about complete for the little purse shown here below, on the previous blog. All I need do is get the photos, or drawings for illustration done. The words are written.
Please, tell me what would you rather see?


Melodie said...

I vote for a book. I tend to collect books of things I may want to make one day. Patterns I buy when I intend to make it now. I think most people would collect books vs patterns.
The little bag IS a beauty!!

joyce said...

I also vote for a book, although it sounds like a pattern would be faster and we could get our hands on it sooner. The good thing about a book is that you could include a gallery and we'd see some options.

Dale Anne said...

My two cents, Deb - a book is in order.
Great looking purse (your latest), by the way!!!

Rian said...

The book, the book!!

I never buy patterns, but I buy lots and lots of books. Go for it! Be literate!

Allison said...

I would buy your book in a flash!