Saturday, May 20, 2006

Play Day, More ATC's

I spent most of this afternoon making ATC's, I have a couple more people who want to trade, & am looking for more, so please contact me if you'd like one from me. I am putting all I get all along the edges of my design wall, & will need a few hundred to complete the borders. I could make them myself, but would prefer to trade to have a collection of all of your works out there!!
So, even if you don't sew, but like to do collage, rubber stamps etc., contact me Please!
These have a bit of felted silk, all but one has a little Shisha mirror, & the black bits are my shibori pole wrapped silk, that I discharged then over dyed. I'm making it go farther by using it this way.


diva of quilts said...

Wow! I didn't know you could felt silk. I would love to trade an ATC with you. Are they 3.5x2 like a business card or are they larger?

Deb H said...

These ATCs are 3.5x2.5. The silk started out as silk rovings, it looks a lot like wool before it gets spun, but it's smoother. There is only little bits of it on these. Email me if you want to trade.