Saturday, September 30, 2006

Thank You

First, I want to say thank you to all of you who have commiserated with me with good wishes for my sister. She will be having a double mastectomy on Oct. 9th, so we would appreciate any good thoughts & prayers you can send her way.
Below is a copy of a clipping from our local paper. The title said this little girl wanted cards from Alaska, but what the article really said was from all over the US. Well, I know there are folks from around the world out there who might be willing to send this little girl a card, so I thought I'd put this here & hope some of you will. I'll be making one of my quards for her.

I've mostly been working these past few days, but got to spend a little time in my studio today, & Broccoli helped to entertain & chase some of my worries away for a few minutes. He went berserk over some soft Menkie fabric that I bought.

In the morning we will be heading down to Homer. It's about a 5 hour drive south of Anchorage. It'll be beautiful this time of year.We'll be staying at the Old Town B&B. I love Homer, Alaska. It is such a beautiful place. It's a small town, mostly supported by fishing & tourism, & it's full of artists. I'd love to live there, if only I could talk my DH into moving one last time.
I'll be taking a painting class from Stewart Cubley, & best of all, I get 14 nursing CEU's for it! I could hardly believe my luck when it came in the mail. I suspect it was the hand of Fate in play though, because this will be just the therapy I need right now. Don't expect any pictures of great paintings from me. This is paint therapy, it's more a process than a technique.
So I'll leave you with this image shot from my back door this evening. I'll be back October 5th.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet kitty - they do take our mids off of things for a bit.

While cleaning out old apartment, I fount about 7 cat toys under the refrigerator - my boy was so happy to have them back. Running around with a sparkly ball in his mouth, talking with his mouthful!

joyce said...

The pictures of Alaska are great. The one with the rainbow reminds me a lot of the view out our kitchen window. I am so glad to live in a place with seasons. I even like winter!

DubiQuilts said...

I have 3 dogs and they are such a joy in my life.

The photos of Alaska are wonderful!

Have fun on your trip.

debraspincic said...

I will be thinking of you and your sister! I'll send a TX card to the little girl too. Stay focused!

Sande said...

I hope you have a great painting retreat. You and your sister are in my prayers.

MJAPA said...

Oh mom, I'm sorry about Mel. I've been thinking a lot about her.
Have a good time in Homer! It sounds cool. I love you!

I've reposted your clipping!

Robin said...

My dear sister-in-law and my mom both had double M surgery years ago. Both are fine now. Both adjusted to no boobs... My mom even said from the start that its a side blessing that she hasn't had to buy, wash or wear a bra for the past 20 years. I hope Em will come through this just as well.

Broccoli is adorable - you PERFECTLY captured the "mad cat" look. Love the rainbow too.

What could be better than painting in Homer? You'll have a much needed break from sucky stuff. Look forward to hearing about it and seeing your paintings.

Shirley Goodwin said...

You won't read this till you get back from your trip - hope it was pleasant, and your class was inspiring.

Rian said...

Great photos. I hope you're having a nice time in Homer.