Monday, September 18, 2006

Flames of Autumn

I worked on another purse yesterday, but didn't get it finished, because I ended up going into work. My friend Judy was on call, but got sick, so I went in for her. So I haven't got anything quiltly to show for my weekend yet, but I decided to jump into the circle of bloggers showing their Flames of Autumn. I found it on Emmy's blog, but it originated on Maria's.

My 1st flame picture is the Soy Basic candle in my bathroom. It is Macintosh Apple scented, & it says AUTUMN to me, because it smells like my favorite apple, the ones that old Mrs Wright used to put in our Trick-or-treat bags, & you didn't need an xray to know it was safe to eat.

I also lit a fire in the woodstove this morning to help take the autumn chill out of the air. Broccoli really loves it on the back of the couch, especially when the fire is burning in the stove.

I love autumn. Can you tell?


Rian said...

Mmmmm. I can almost smell the fall air. Note to self: Buy some of those candles!

KCQuilter said...

Boy, does that fire in your woodstove ever look inviting! Says autumn to me!!!

MariaJ said...

I never imagined that "flame of Autumn" will burn in Alaska. This was truly a nice suprise. I had to look over your whole blog/blogs and I admire your artwork. I also LOVED those dolls you've made. Wish I have a possibility to do something like that in future. I also recognized some wildflowers which we have also here in Finland (North-Europe). Its incredible that you have bears knocking on your door....really fascinating to read your blog. I'll come again.

MJAPA said...

I love Autumn as well! All those reds and oranges! I wanted an Autumn wedding, but a TV show changed our plans. ;-)
Oh well, at least we were able to have it outdoors.

Sue said...

Deb, Where in MI did you live? We're in Allegan, just starting to see a tiny bit of color change in the trees.